Xbox Game Copy Software – Is it Legal?

If you own an XBOX 360 you'll be aware of fun it can bring, though you'll also be aware that it can be expensive to own especially when you want to update your game library or buy the same games as your friends to play Them online.

So with all this expected expense, what happens when you scratch one of your disks (and lets face it, these disks are not bomb proof), or is it damaged by sunlight? Go back to the shop and exchange it? Nope. Send it to the manufacturer for a new disk? Nope, can not do that either. Fork out again for a game you have already paid for once? Seems a bit unfair. Is there another way?

The only real solution is to use XBOX game copy software to make a backup version of your games as soon as you buy them. This way if the backup version gets scratched, you'll still have your original game in a safe place to make another copy and carry on. With all the press about piracy this solution sounds illegal. Is it?

Well, actually, using XBOX game copy software is not illegal. Most countries will allow the original disk buyer to use XBOX game copy software so long as they are aware of the law against piracy, they still have the original disk and are only using XBOX game copy software for personal use. So with no legal issues (so long as you dont do anything stupid like sell copied games to your friends) the only remaining factor is the ease at which this can be done.

With new XBOX game copy software available you will not need to open your console to install a mod chip, and it's simple enough to use so you do not have to be a technical genius.

Here are the 4 simple steps to using XBOX game copy software to back up your games:

1) Get the XBOX game copy software which will create perfect copies of your games
2) Run the program and put the original disk in your computer
3) Copy the disk to your computer (can take a little while)
4) Replace the original game with a blank disk and follow the instructions.

And there you have it, legally created perfect copies of your games without having to risk harming your console. You would not believe how much I have saved since I bought this XBOX game copy software but than I might be clumsier than you're average gamer.