Why Your Ex Might Be Playing Mind Games With You

Things are never easy after going through a break up or a divorce. There are a lot of mixed feelings coming from both parties, and emotions are running high. To make matters worse, you're not thinking clearly and your former partner is not making things easy for you. In fact, you find yourself asking why your ex might be playing mind games with you. Actually, there are a few possibilities that may explain their behavior.

They're just testing you. While the motivations for doing this can vary, what this possibility comes down to is this: they want to see how you will react. Maybe it's their way of finding out how you feel about them, or maybe not. The best you can do is be yourself, and roll with whatever comes your way.

To harass you. As the old saying goes: nobody is perfect. That means you and your ex fall short, so try to keep that in mind. See, while it's not cool, there is always a chance that the reason why your ex might be playing mind games with you is because they want revenge. It's their way of harassing you for some wrong you've done. Of course you probably have no idea what you did that could have been so wrong, but that does not matter to your ex.

They do not really know they're doing it. In other words, their game playing is so much a part of who they are that they have no idea they're doing it. That does not change what's going on, but it should give you enough perspective to accept the behavior for what it is, and to not take any of it personally.

They want you back. Sometimes it's hard for an ex to ask you if you'd like to try again. So, instead of being direct, they start playing games. It can be hard to tell if this is why they're acting this way. It may be a bit risky, but if you suspect a desire.

They're not, you just think they are. Let's face it, people are funny. Your ex may not be playing any kind of games with you at all, but you perceive it differently. All of those little things they're doing to toy with you and get under your skin are not intentional. Instead, you are assuming they have ulterior motives where none actually exist.

As you can see, there is more than one answer to the question of why your ex might be playing mind games with you. The reason it's important to understand why is that it can help you decide what to do next.