Why Pokémon Go is Still the Most Addicting Game

Since Pokémon Go’s worldwide release about six months ago, the app has without a doubt, exceeded all expectations. More than 7.5 million avid Pokémon fans already have the app in their devices and this figure represents only the United States sector of the Pokémon craze. Thanks to Pikachu, Nintendo’s stock is in a good position putting buying pressure on traders with an increase of 10% in the market. But what makes it a huge success?

The psychology in the game’s popularity is its ability to garner undivided attention of the user within the app. To be able to fully maximize the Pokémon experience, you have to be so into it and get lost in the game. But while it demands your full focus, it also takes you to places where you may not have explored just yet. This explains why it is an exciting game to play and among the few such games whose popularity cuts across the different generations.

Fostering friendship and family time is also one of the game’s interests. It creates a bonding moment for everyone in the family, or a group of friends. Since the game does not have an age requirement for you to enjoy the benefits, it connects different age groups making a usual stroll along the park a more fun experience.

Fun is the main goal of the app but needless to mention, it is also highly rewarding. So whether you are set to collect coins, or search for Pokémons, our human nature always tells us to never stop until we catch em all’. Collecting things has been embedded into our system for centuries, and we never say it’s over until we’re done completing our collection.

Another factor that makes Pokémon Go so famous is its given option for replay. Even if you become so good at it that you get to collect all the 151 Pokémon set for you to catch, the game will most likely evolve with new challenges and it never ends. Just like another Pokémon online game, the Celadon Game Corner, where you keep on playing until you drop, Pokémon Go keeps you wanting for more. Pokémon and other online games can be read at pokemon2.org. Online casino may also have other Pokémon game variants.

Because the game is free, it is attractive to anyone who just wants to play without having to take anything out of their pockets. While there is a store that sells additional items, it is entirely optional and the player can choose not to buy. These items can also be accumulated if you are determined enough to keep on visiting Pokéstops, where you can achieve them for free.

Probably the most important thing about Pokémon Go is that there is almost no learning curve required for you to be proficient in it. Perhaps even someone who is not familiar with Pokémon or does not know what Pokémon is at all, can easily catch up and play. It is not necessary for you to know Ash and his story nor Pikachu’s purpose in the plethora of things. All you need to know is your mission and it’s all just about catching those Pokémons.