What is the Nintendo DS Lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld gaming console, designed to improve the aesthetics of the original DS and to make it appeal to a wider audience. It features a dual-screen display, and although the controls on the unit itself resemble the old style GameBoy controls, it also comes with a stylus that can be used with it, just like a PDA.

Selling more than 58 million units worldwide, the DS Lite is one of the most successful handheld game systems of all time and has become a favourite of children and adults alike. A wide range of accessories and an overwhelming selection of games means owning one is a guaranteed protection from boredom. With something for everyone, from Brain Training to Pokemon, the DS Lite is also backwards compatible with the original DS and the GameBoy Advance, so you can play those games in it too. It also features wireless networking capabilities which can be used to connect to Wi-Fi access points, other Nintendo DS units, and can even connect with the Nintendo Wii.

Originally available only in black or white, it is now available in a range of new colours so that you can choose one that suits you. These newer colours are Coral Pink, Platinum (Silver), Red, Green and Turquoise and is a wise choice both for those that like to be mobile with their games and those who simply do not want to invest in a fully-fledged console. Whatever your reason for choosing this console, one thing is certain … you will not regret it!