What Are the Standard Video Game Tester Requirements?

If you're a gamer and wish to become a paid game tester, then you're in luck, as the video game tester requirements are quite lax these days; hence, nearly anyone can get a job testing video games for pay.

Here are the most basic video game tester requirements ….

Must be at least 18 years old. This requirement can be bent depending on the gaming company hiring you. Although they are typically few and far between, there are in fact companies out there hiring gamers whom are below the age of 18.

Must be an avid gamer with plenty of experience. In this day and age, who is not a gamer? A couple of weeks with Halo, Final Fantasy, Oblivion, and / or any other highly popular games and any person can call themselves an "avid" gamer.

Must be upgraded to next-gen. If you're not playing next-gen video games nor own a next-gen system (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii), then you're WAY behind when it comes to video game testing jobs. Since many developers have "at-home " testing opportunities, it is vital that you get up to speed and into the next-gen race. (If you do not have a next-gen system, you need a high-end computer)

Must have high-end computer. If you're more of PC gamer, then having a powerful computer is of crucial importance. A powerful PC means you will be able to put any of the developer's games to the test without worrying about your own hardware problems. (If you do not have a high-end computer, you need a next-gen system)

Must have a video game tester resume. It does not matter how long you've been testing (or trying to test) games, you simply must have a professional looking resume. Professional game testing is a job, so you can not expect to get by with just a smile and a "can I test games for you?" mentality. Remember, your resume does not have to be breath taking – it just has to be professional and well put together.

The above video game tester requirements are really all you need to get started. In fact, some of those requirements might be null & void when it comes to certain developers. That being said, do not be afraid to submit your application / resume just because you do not meet a certain requirement – you never know what exceptions a gaming company is willing to make!