Ways to Get Free Chaotic Codes

Free Chaotic codes are becoming more and more in demand with players of this unique trading card game.

Chaotic is a trading card game, or TCG, with a difference. Not only are you able to play the game in the same way as traditional TCG’s, but you are also able to play online. The cards are uploaded via a code that is found at the base of a card and entered into the official website. Should this work the physical card then has a counterpart on your electronic ‘deck’ that enables you to play Chaotic online against anyone in the world.

Such a system enables for great versatility, a real leg up over more tradition trading card games such as Magic the Gathering or Pokemon. But it also leads to something else – a scrabble for free Chaotic codes.

Because these codes are how you get the Chaotic cards online people are hunting them out. The cards, which contain the codes, cost money – money many people don’t want to spend. So they look for freebies instead, unwanted chaotic codes that people have duplicates of.

Because of the way the cards work, coming in booster packs where people don’t know what’s in them, and the way that the rules are set out (you can have a max of 2 of the same time of card per deck) many people have a third or more cards that are no use to them. They can try trading them via the official online trading system, or unofficially via many forums, but some are simply to common to be worth it.

Which is why people give away free Chaotic codes. They simply have them laying around and can’t use them for anything so instead they do the kind thing – they hand them out to people.

Other sources of getting your hands on such freebies also exist. So here we set out the best 4 ways of getting your hands on them.

How to get free chaotic codes.

  1. Hang out where the players are. Chaotic players like to talk about the game with each other, so go over to the forums, the blogs etc and start talking there. Unfortunately the official forum doesn’t allow you to ask for freebies so make sure you look for unofficial forums that DO allow it. These players will have spare codes so they are the people to be talking to!
  2. Join up. Many forums and sites will give away free codes for joining up or for doing something – being the best forum poster, telling the best joke and things of that nature. If you join up these places you could win free Chaotic codes to use in your online deck.
  3. Enter competitions. Many blogs and sites run online tournaments between players with the top x amount getting codes as prizes. If you enter these competitions then you could also get your hands on creatures, battle gear and the like.
  4. Play lots of battles. The official game site gives away free codes to anyone who plays more than 20 matches in a month in a single drome (not counting the beta drome). So get into any of the dromes and start playing.