The Very Best Guide on How to Backup Gamecube Games

One of the most high in demand gaming systems is the Nintendo Gamecube. One of the only terrible things about this awesome system is that its games are very expensive and can easily become lost, stolen, or damaged. Having spent the money on these games, you know from experience that losing them can be devastating. Most gamers want to protect their collection, they want to try and find a way to burn these games; Doing this can seem impossible due to the systems odd-sized disks. It was find out by some clever computer geeks that this could be accomplished, using the systems memory cards.

1. On your Gamecube, locate SLOT B and put in the blank memory card.
2. Place your normal memory card into SLOT A, looking at all the displayed files.
3. When the message appears to copy, move, or delete files, select copy.
4. After the copying has finished, remove both memory cards.

Knowing how expensive all of your Gamecube games are, you should copy your entire collection. Now that you know this, you should copy all of your games before they are lost, damaged, or stolen. If you are able to backup Gamecube games, can save yourself not only time, but aggravation since never again will you have to worry about your games. Just always remember that it's never a good idea to give away copies of your Gamecube games since this is illegal and cause you a great deal of trouble in the future. The last thing you want to have to worry about is going to jail because you've got some of your friends free copies of your games. This software is to keep you from having to spend a small fortune in replacing your games, allowing you to buy more games since you will have to replace them ever again.

Once you have all your tools, begin backing up and protecting your collection.