Super Smash Bros Brawl – Worth the Wait?

The favorite game for Wii this season has been the third installment of the Super Smash Bros called "Super Smash Bros Brawl". This is the game which all Wii console players have been waiting for a long time. After much delay the game is finally launched and it is one of the hottest games right now.

Now let me tell you more about the game and why you should have this in your Favorites section. The most important reason is because of its game play, even if you are not a Super Smash Bros fan, you will get addicted to this game in the first 10 minutes of game play. It is just really fun when you throw your enemies out of the screen with those unique special moves. This game can be played on four controllers which are Classic Controller, GameCube Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk and Wii remote together. So you can choose whichever controller you are comfortable with and you can configure them as you like. The game can be played in many modes, which includes standard multiplayer mode as well as elimination-based tournament where a maximum of 16 players can play the game, solo mode which is not very different from previous versions where you have randomly generated matches. My favorite mode has to be Adventure mode: The Subspace Emissary which is a side-scrolling based game with a wonderful storyline filled with meeting more friends as you go along and fighting the Bosses with the help of your friends. Mario and Kirby start the game as they go along side-scrolling fighting the Subspace armies and meeting friends who help them out with their fight against the Tabuu and the Subspace Army and saving the Smash Bros Universe.

The multiplayer is comparatively lag-free and with lots of features like sharing game replays, screenshots and custom levels with you friends. The custom levels created by the users can not be used to play multiplayer game, but there are tons of awesome looking levels so it is not a deal breaker. Even if you have no friends playing Brawl, you can join multiplayer game in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and you can play with randomly selected participants. If you are new to Brawl and are intimidated with all Brawl PRO's, you can be a spectator and learn from the PRO's and then you can start playing.

Now to the most important feature of Brawl, it has 35 players to choose from. Some of the players are Snake from Metal Gear Solid Series, Pikachu from Pokemon series, Donkey Kong, Mario's alter ego Wario and the best addition Sonic the Hedgehog. Every Player has its own unique special moves and they are very much balanced. But I normally prefer Sonic because he is fast and can jump all over the screen. So the game is going on to become the "Game of the Year" title for Wii. If you have not already bought this game, now is the right to buy it. Work Hard, Play Harder.