Playstation 4 – Is it Worth It?

Are the gamers of the world ready for the new and improved PlayStation 4? Many people are still getting used to the newest PS3 and learning the nuances of playing with this gaming system and already Sony as well as Microsoft are in the works, creating the next generation gaming console. As there have been a management changes at Sony, rumors have been flying around that Sony wouldn’t continue with the design of the new PlayStation 4. Yet according to Sony this is nothing but rumors, according to Paul Colman the vice president of technology for Sony Europe, “To say that there will be no PS4 because of a management change is a bit far fetched.” He claims that they are still on track with their plans to release the PS4 but that no one should expect to see its release until 2011 at the earliest.

As we all know the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation are battling for billions of dollars in gaming console sales. If Sony stumbles and fails to release the PS4, they would be standing to loose billion in profits plus the attention of so many gamers who look to the PlayStation to stay on the cutting edge. Sony better stay on their toes, over at Microsoft they are working on the new Xbox 720. The Xbox 720 is at the core of Microsoft’s efforts to capture the hearts and wallets of millions of gamers worldwide.

Assuming that the PS4 will be improving on the platform of the PS3 we can expect to see some hardware changes. For example the current 802.11b chipset will give way to the 802.11n chipset; this will allow the new PlayStation 4 gaming console to have a greater wireless range. Then we can look for an external power supply to reduce the bulk of the case and to improve cooling. A much larger hard disk is expected as room needs to be made for an expected larger than ever mass of downloadable games. As this is a serious concern, talks and rumors are hinting at a one Terabyte hard disk. Then we have the RAM. Currently there is a RAM issue believe it or not, the PS3s memory architecture is shared and this is limiting the loading of more advanced and graphics rich games. The developers of games have a split 512 mb area of RAM to work with. It is suggested that the PlayStation 4 will not only increase RAM but allocate more dedicated RAM to the developers who will in turn be able to create more intense and detailed games. More ram could mean multiple GBs of DDR2 RAM will be employed to make the PlayStation 4 a graphics marvel that can really fly!

New Graphics Engine?

Now the PS3 is using a graphics processor that is based on the NVIDIA RSX chipset. It has already been rumored that Intel is in talks with Sony to provide the next hot thing in graphics processing power. The new Intel Larrabee chip will possibly be used to handle real time physics and increase realism for the gaming experience.

A PS4 without Blu-Ray Discs?

The success of the PS3 helped to lead the Blu-Ray disk format into the forefront vs. the HD DVD format. However now there are talks of eliminating the optical drive from the gaming console completely. The new concept is that once someone buys a PlayStation 4 and takes it home, they will be able to download the games directly and install them onto the hard drive. This is beneficial as it would eliminate lag times between level changes and reduce the bothersome initial load period as well. The Blu-Ray drive is one of the most expensive components of the PS3.By eliminating this there is room to drop the price of the PlayStation 4 unit. This expensive Blu-Ray optical drive is one of the reasons why Sony is now planning on releasing the PlayStation 4. According to Sony they are losing money on each PlayStation 4 but this is a necessary evil as they need to remain competitive with Microsoft. By redesigning the PlayStation 4 without the Blu-Ray expense they can begin earning profits like they were back in the PS2 days.

Now you have some valuable facts about the new PlayStation 4 and all of the vast improvements that are coming with it. Will you make the purchase, I have a feeling that people will be lining up for this hot item. In my opinion the release of the PS3 was not implemented correctly, it seems as if it was rushed to market. The PlayStation 4 is showing much more thought and it should be the gaming console to really put Sony in the lead.