PlayStation 3 – Educational and Fun for All Ages

The PlayStation 3 is a wonderful system for all ages. The realism might take you by surprise, the graphics are incredible. There are literally thousands of games to choose for example sports, war games, family friendly, educational, etc. You can enjoy the system with family or you can compete with friends.

The graphics on the PlayStation 3 are very realistic. You can tell that a lot of time and money were put into perfecting the system. Sometimes when playing a game with storylines, someone with an untrained eye might think you were watching a movie. Also with the sports games they use real facial features, body movements, attitude, and in some cases even voices. It is really a great gaming experience.

The selection of games for the "PS3" are unimaginable. You have your choice from just about anything. There are sports games, war time games, cartoons, educational, game shows, anything you can think of. There are also different ratings ranging from G-for children to MA-adults only (due to violence and adult situations). The difficulty is also a factor you have games that you can breeze through, then you have games that can make a grown man have a temper tantrum. There are also new and improved games that come out annually so the choice is truly yours.

Enjoying the "PS3" is something the whole family can get into. Children's eyes light up when you even mention the system. Adults also love to compete against one another. My son for example loves wrestling games and when we team up he's the happiest kid on the planet. The system also gives you the opportunity to play online. Online play allows you to meet and challenge people all over the world. The "PS3" can be used for bonding with the kids or just to have plain old good fun with friends.