PC Games Vs Console Games – The Ongoing War

While some gamers prefer to use their PCs for their video games, others are die-hard console fans, so much that even selecting which console has superiority to all others is seen as an even bigger debate!

Why these differences of opinion? Several reasons, including:

1. Availability of games. Until recently, many games were available only on one platform or the other. This has changed a bit in recent years, although there can still be minor differences in game play when looking at different versions of the video game.

2. Cost of consoles. While computers can cost upwards of thousands of dollars – especially for specialized, high-end gaming systems – many gamers who prefer their games on PC cite the ability to purchase one system which lasts a number of years as one reason they would rather play their video games on a computer. Additionally, computers have the ability to be backwards-compatible: there’s no need to replace old games as your system grows more sophisticated, whereas with consoles certain games will only be available from certain brands. Also the high cost of newer consoles, despite their many features, is another discouraging factor for some users.

3. System optimization. Even though there are computers which are optimized for game play, including high-speed graphics processors and game-specific interface devices, console gamers feel that the systems available for their console games are able to provide a greater gaming pleasure over PC systems. Consoles typically crash less frequently than computers, depending on the system being used, and there’s nothing more frustrating than being interrupted in the middle of a dramatic situation!

4. User Interfaces. PC gaming interfaces are usually a mouse and keyboard combination, which is ideal for first person shooters or strategy games, this is where the PC excels. However, driving, fighting and sports games consoles are more suitable games for control pads, which are far more comfortable and practical than using a keyboard and mouse.

One way to tell if you might be better off with a computer or console is to read game reviews and console game reviews. You should also read both PC hardware and console reviews to see how other people rate the latest technology.

Similarities continue to grow between gaming on consoles and PCs. Most systems (as mentioned above) offer networking, both have game specific user interface devices that benefit different types of games and computer hardware has grown extremely sophisticated now boasting multi-core processing power superior to consoles. Gamers – is it time to call off the war?