Nintendo Wii vs. PlayStation 3 (PS3)

While both just released worldwide, there is already a great deal of discussion between those who side with Sony on the video game wars and those who side with Nintendo. These games have obviously not begun just yet, but you should be excited to learn just what is possible with both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles.

While Nintendo has a great reputation and history in the video gaming industry, it has also taken criticism recently for falling behind in the video game arms race that calls for more power and realism. Sony has taken off in the video gaming world and the Nintendo Wii matches up with the PS3 just like this:

* With PlayStation 3, Sony is all set to introduce not only one of the largest and best gaming consoles in the world today and possibly forever, but they are also releasing a system that demands a plethora of cash to possess. With the prices for the various PS3's falling between $ 499 and $ 699 you are looking at the prospect of missing next month's mortgage payment. However, Nintendo Wii has come right out of the box with guns a blazin 'to get into these wars with the nice price of $ 249. There is no alternative packages or upgrades, $ 249 is it!

* While both companies are certainly innovators in this respect, it remains to be seen if the Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3 has the best version of motion detection controllers. The Nintendo Wii does require a small sensor bar in front of your television before playing to help with the motion detection, while the PlayStation is ready to play without anything extra. This sounds like an easy choice, but once the controllers are even at purchased and signed on, the Nintendo Wii controller will outstretch the PlayStation 3 by just a tad in distance.

* Sony is obviously a maker of televisions, media players, television, and movies so it stands to reason that their major video gaming console is aimed at adults. Video games with the PlayStation 3 are of an adult nature with scantily clad women and people looking to shoot other people at any moment. However, the Nintendo Wii offers a more wholesome and family-friendly experience with their games. If Wii is right for your children, do not bat an eye, they will love it!

* PlayStation 3 is set to offer an online community where gamers can compete against one another or download previous versions of PS1 and PS2 games. This is similar to Nintendo allowing Wii users to download old Nintendo games at their choosing.

If you are still unsure of which system that you should go with then you should visit your local electronics retailer and see if you can play a demo in the store. The comfort and ease of the system could help you make the right choice in regards to the purchase.