Nintendo Wii Accessory Review

Over time, the evolution of video game accessories has taken gaming to new heights of entertainment. Nintendo's new gaming platform is no different and is even a step ahead of its competitors in terms of accessories. You may be left wondering how Nintendo created such an innovative device. With the Nintendo Wii console, Nintendo will be able to appeal to the long time Nintendo fans as well as non gamers alike due to the fact that you can just pick up and play it.

The Nintendo Wii has a set of accessories designed to enhance your gaming experience beyond simply pressing buttons. A few of these great accessories are as follows:

The Wiimote is a small, light, remote control device. It works wirelessly via the use of a short-range Bluetooth system. The Wiimote is motion sensitive, allowing users to interact with their games. Some games succeed with doing this in a very smooth and fluid way but other games feel kind of awkward and do not register certain movements. This new way of gaming will open up doors for designers and give them more control of how the game is made. One "problem" with this new way of playing is the number of reports of people accidentally throwing their Wiimote while swinging. Nintendo is rectifying this by distributing free "gloves" that will give users a little more grip.

The Nunchuk is an analog controller that plugs into the Wiimote. It has an analog stick along with buttons to give the gamer even more control. It has a motion sensor as well and is used in games such as Wii Boxing, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Red Steel.

The Nintendo Classic Controller is a more traditional controller that plugs into the Wiimote. It is mainly used to play Virtual Console games. You can also use a GameCube controller for playing Virtual Console games.

Recently, Nintendo has released information on the upcoming Wii Light gun. The light gun seems to attach to the bottom of the Wiimote to give you the feeling of holding a gun. This could inevitably lead to some fun games and a new way of playing.

It is no lie, the Nintendo Wii is lacking in the graphics department with games that visually look no better than games on the GameCube did. The reason they are number one right now is because of the level of innovation involved with some of these amazing games.

Only time will tell what new exciting accessories the Nintendo Wii has in store for us!