Nintendo Makes New Addition to Video Gaming

With all of the portable entertainment gadgets on the market today, portable video game systems have lost a lot of their thunder. It's not that the portable video gaming systems available today are not attractive or impressive, it's just that there are a lot of other portable devices that do a lot of different things (including gaming in many cases). Because of that, portable video gaming systems need some way to stand out in the market in order to be noticed by potential customers. Nintendo dominated the market for portable video game systems with its GameBoy system that hit the market in the early nineteen nineties. The GameBoy was later supplanted by the GameBoy Advance which had a color screen and more flexible features.

Now Nintendo has another video game system on the market called the Nintendo DS Lite. The Nintendo DS Lite has a number of features that make it so that it stands out from the other devices out there. The most notable feature in terms of its appearance is the inclusion of a second screen that, with the use of an included stylus, functions as a touch screen. The second major feature that distinguishes the Nintendo DS Lite from the competition is the fact that it provides access to multiplayer video games. While that alone might not be that impressive, it should be noted that these multiplayer games can take place over the entire planet and players can participate from any wireless hot spot.

The fact that the Nintendo DS Lite is WiFi capable makes it go a long way in terms of novelty for a video gaming system. While other video gaming systems like the Play Station Portable from Sony are capable of similar feats, no other portable gaming platform puts the same emphasis on online gaming. One thing that's proof of this is the fact that no subscription is needed to access the online games. These online games are provided to its customers by Nintendo at no extra charge.

The Nintendo DS Lite also has a lot of features built into it that make it impressive in its own right. For example, it has built in speakers that provide stereo sound. The Nintendo DS Lite also has a built in microphone in addition to the conventional Nintendo controls and the touchscreen for input. The unit is capable of displaying two hundred and sixty thousand colors and both of the Nintendo DS Lite's screens are Transparent Film Transistor Active Matrix displays for the quickest action possible with LCD technology. The Nintendo DS Lite also has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can power the video game platform of up to nineteen hours which is really impressive by any possible measure. The LCD screens are three inches wide and have approximately a 16: 9 aspect ratio. The unit is extremely compact and folds up like a clamshell with one screen on each section. With the controls on either side of the lower screen, the Nintendo DS Lite is also very ergonomic.

With all of the features built into the Nintendo DS Lite, it will clearly shape the portable video game market for years to come.