Nintendo GameCube – Still Around?

Nintendo GameCube was dedicated to enhancing gameplay while it used to be, (and still is, considered by some) to be the console of choice for multiplayer fun. Is it still around then after all these years?

The short answer is yes, it is still around and very much being played by many. This little console is not just for little kids anymore while the grown ups, as per usual, pretending to do it only for their kids, are playing these games more and more. The Nintendo GameCube was Nintendo's fourth home gaming system and remains a remarkably well designed system, both internally and out.

It's not a bad looking console either, available in three different colours, purple, black or platinum. It's a powerful little thing and by being so, allows for many state of the art techniques. Although it was more than six and a half years ago that this console was first released here in Europe, the Nintendo Gamecube is still just as fun and entertaining as it was when first released.

The Nintendo GameCube is now of course not at the top of the Christmas list as it has been replaced by the Nintendo Wii as if you did not know. The Nintendo GameCube was in it's hey day, one of the best gaming systems Nintendo had created and was once the number one selling game console in the United States.

The onboard features included fog, subpixel anti-liasing, alpha blending, virtual texture design, multi texture mapping, bump / environment mapping, MIPMAP, bilinear filtering, and real-time texture decompression (S3TC). Yes I know, quite a lot there for it's time. Panasonic made a licensed version of the GameCube with DVD playback, called the Panasonic Q and although it sold fairly well, it certainly did not come anywhere close to that of the GameCube.

The controller in both its original wired version, and the wireless WaveBird version is, you'll be interested to know, compatible with the Wii. The controller comes in four major colors: jet black, indigo, platinum (silver), and orange spice, all of which match available colours of GameCube consoles.

Games on the Nintendo GameCube, such as Resident Evil 4, push the limits of the hardware and it looks amazing as do various other games for this "old" console.

Is this console still around? You bet, but let's not pretend it's still in it's hey day. The grand Wii has taken over that's for sure, but the good old Nintendo GameCube is still there in the background charming many a gamer.