Nintendo Gameboy DS is Highly Irresistible and Addictive!

You know something is big when it makes the feature pages of Time Magazine. In June 2006, Time described the Nintendo Game Boy DS as a gameplay that “has captivated the attention of the gaming press.”

The Nintendo Game Boy DS certainly lives up to its name. This sleek, cutting-edge gaming device has sold millions around the world since its release. Both casual and hardcore gamers alike are hooked with its vast catalogue of games. From nerdy games like the Big Brain Academy to the spooky Dementium to the perennial Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo Game Boy DS has a little something for everyone.

What makes the Nintendo Game Boy DS so special? Let’s take a look at the highlights of this fascinating invention:

Knockout features

The Nintendo Game Boy DS is as stylish as it goes. It is a dual-screen console that comes in different colors: polar white, coral pink, onyx black. From a distance, it resembles like a mini notebook, small enough for your fingers to navigate its entirety.

You would totally dig its touch screen technology because it allows you to do activities and access the menus from the screen itself. Want some action with other players from Japan while bumming in a California coffee shop? Connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and you’ll be racing with them in no time.

You can also form a group of up to 16 players by creating a local wireless network with other Nintendo Game Boy DS fans from within 30 to 100 feet away. Double that with a rich stereo sound and you’ll be fully immersed in the addicting world of gaming.

Wide range of genres

You don’t want to be stuck in the same games over and over. That’s downright boring. And more importantly, you want diversion. You can’t play the same kind of games the entire day.

That is the beauty of the Nintendo Game Boy DS. It hosts a wide range of game genres which are categorized into puzzles, shooting, racing, action, family and kids, edutainment, sports, RPG, cards and board games. You can choose the game you want depending on your taste and mood at the moment. You can visit your local participating store to view the demos of the newest games for free. This lets you have a preview of the game before buying it.

The games themselves are something else. The quirky Nintendogs is a game for all ages, with functions that will truly pamper your puppies. You can train, pet or walk your dog through the touch screen capability. If you’re up for some manga playing, you can try Fullmetal Alchemist and the art of recovering lost parts of body.


With the all-new Nintendo DS Lite, you get to experience the whole thing in a smaller package but with bigger and more vibrant features. This is the redesign of the original Nintendo Game Boy DS aimed to repack and improve the console into a slimmer built. It has brighter screens and like the original DS, you can chat with friends across the globe through its Wi-Fi connection. You can also play games from the Game Boy Advance Game Paks through its backward compatibility.