Is There a Way to Copy XBOX Games? Here’s the Easy Way How You Can Backup Any Game

If you’re an XBOX player, then you’ve probably come across a time when you wanted to copy an XBOX game. Making backups of games can be a great way to protect them against scratches or damage – the problem is that many people don’t know exactly how to burn XBOX games. Today we go over exactly how anyone can backup any video game.

Many people question whether it’s illegal to copy XBOX games. Now, as you probably know, I’m not a lawyer, but from the information I have come across it’s illegal to burn copywrited material that you don’t already own, but not the ones that you have already purchased. This means that you shouldn’t go around copying every game you can get your hands on, but are more than able to copy the games you own so that you protect them against damage. Again, the laws vary, so I encourage you to double check if you’re curious.

This article will hopefully help people that want to be able to make legal backup copies of their XBOX games. It’s incredibly easy to do and a great tool to have available.

If you’ve ever tried copying an XBOX game with the same burning software that you use to copy a music CD or data DVD, you’ve probably ended up frustrated. These programs aren’t typically able to produce copies because the game discs actually have copyright guards on them that prevent duplication.

If you want to make a copy of an XBOX game, you need a way to get past these guards.

That’s exactly what certain softwares allow you to do. There are now companies that have produced technologically advanced programs that actually allow your computer to get past these copyright guards.

Is it hard to use these programs?

Not at all. You just enter the game disc, press your mouse button couple of times, and your computer will then make an “image” of the game data. You then insert a blank disc and this data is transferred onto the disc. This gives you an exact copy of the original XBOX game.

You’re looking at spending $30-$40 for this type of program. There are some that try to charge more, but there’s no need to. Just look for a program that is reasonably priced and gives you a moneyback guarantee in case anything comes up.