Introduction to Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a rhythm sport that tests the athlete's mental and physical strength, the balance, flexibility, and strength gymnasts' exhibit in doing their routines is not easy, it's the product from years of dedicated training.

More and more people have put their mark on this sport. They may have different styles of physical prowess, but they all agree that it takes more than the skill to be a champion. It takes love for this sport to really excel.

There are two types of this type of rhythm sport, the artistic and the rhythmic. Most of us are already familiar with the first type, the artistic, as that is what we often see on TV during Collegiate and Olympic games. This type includes the use of uneven bars, balance beams, vault and floor exercises.

Rhythmic on the other hand though is more of a dance than showing physical strengths. It combines ballet and makes the sport more of an art in a unique mix of own creative movements and stunts of the gymnasts to music while doing stunts with one of five various gymnastics apparatus like ball, clubs, hoops, ribbon, and rope. This type of rhythmic sport is much more elegant and graceful than the artistic one. It requires the athletes to do their routines in precision, with good unique choreography and creative and appealing presentation.

To do unique and amazing stunts effectively, one should possess the grace to do the routine, great sense of balance, strength and endurance to stay energetic throughout the routine, agility to move from one place to another while doing the routine and excellent hand-eye coordination to make use of the apparatus while performing the movements.

Women are the usual participants on this type of sport, as it is traditionally believed that women should move and act gracefully.

There are three main competitions for this type of gymnastics all over the world, the Olympic Games, the Grand-Prix Tournaments and the World Championships.

Both of these two types of rhythmic sport require every athlete to love the sport if they really want to be successful on it.