How to Stop a Man From Playing Mind Games With You! Use These 7 Steps to Your Advantage

Men and their mind games – they seem to be inseparable. Very few men don’t set traps (of some sort) in order to prove a woman’s love. If you’ve been going through so many tests and mind games, what should you do?

Pretend that his mind games don’t bother you.

Just go on with whatever you’re doing and don’t pay attention to his teasing. Showing no reaction might just make him stop.

Don’t fall into his trap.

There are moments when he would prove your insecurities or your love for him, it all depends on the mood he’s in. For instance, if he begins to praise other women around you, don’t go mad and start ranting about his being a womanizer! Just say “Yeah, she sure is beautiful.” This should really catch him off guard.

Tell him that you won’t take any more of it.

If you’ve been going through his mind games for the longest time, then it’s time to set an ultimatum. There’s no point in being a martyr. Maybe all that he needs to hear is that you’re standing up for yourself by telling him that you can’t take any more of it.

Play mind games on him, too.

Men aren’t the only species who are blessed with the ability to coming up with schemes and tactics. In fact, women can be better at this game if only they put their minds on it. He will soon see that you’ve already seen through his mind games and have actually retorted rather than merely reacted.

Let the trap be set for him.

You shouldn’t be the one who gets to fall on the trap! See how he’d react once you flirt lightly with other men whenever he’s around. Should this infuriate him, then you’ve just proven that he has fallen into the same trap that he also set on you.

Be MIA for a few days.

It’s time to give him a good shock. Just when he thinks that he’s doing good with his mind games, why don’t you surprise him by disappearing? He will surely be surprised by this move and he would probably want to get in touch with you.

If he won’t stop…

…then this man has to be told that it’s time to end the relationship. If you’ve already talked with him in the past about how his mind games irk you and he still does them, then it only shows that he has no regard for your feelings. Tell him that you demand respect from the man that you love and if he can’t give it, then it’s time to let go.