How to Play FPS Games Like a Pro – 5 Handy Tips to Help You Dominate Your Enemy With Ease!

No doubt FPS games are one of the most competitive game genres out there. In order to survive and achieve victory, you have to master a lot of skills.

Of course, it does not require you to become a pro gamer to beat your competitors. All you need to know and practice are some basic skills that will help you go further down the road. Once you master them, it will be easier to train more advanced skills.

So let's move on to the main topic. I have 5 useful tips for you today.

Tip # 1: Always get acquainted with the game before you go online

Or before you go and dare anybody in a solo game.

It's very important to practice with the game first to know its ins and outs. Map controlling is a very important skill if you want to win. And you can have it if you pay close attention and remember the map while trying the game.

More than often, gamers will choose only a few maps to play online. And it's your job to learn how to sneak behind the enemy lines and take their upper hands. That way, you can make a win even if your team is weaker!

Tip # 2: If possible, play with your favorite teammates

This is not always the case if you prefer the 'lone wolf' style.

Remember that even pro FPS gamers need their backs covered. They have their chosen colleagues that go with them battle to battle. If you own this advantage, you can make a big jump in the online world.

What could be better than charging into the enemy line with your close friends and achieve victory?

And you know what, your buddies could be online as well. Offline friends are good but it usually harder to have them if you're the only gamer among your peers.

Tip # 3: Communication is a make or break matter!

A team will not operate effectively if they do not communicate with each others.

Because it could lead to misunderstanding that lead to failure. You might want your buddy to go back and cover you. But guess what, because you did not say a thing so he push forward and get killed. Not a good situation, right?

So how to stay connected?

It's easy. If you're playing offline, just make some noises. Talk to them. If you play online, there are dozens of good software that can help you. Have you tried Ventrilo yet?

Tip # 4: Be clear with your role in a team

Do not charge forward if your role is to snipe out the enemy from the top!

Makes sense, right? Who needs a sniper to charge forward and get killed if his role is to stay away and pick out the enemy from afar.

Yet I see countless times my buddy goes Rambo and get a 'head-shot' almost instant! So, be clear with your role and stick to it.

Tip # 5: Practice (the right way) makes perfect

Because if you do not stick with the things that work, you're wasting your time and effort.

Just gather your friends online or offline and work together. Remember to practice communicate with them when needed and help them to get familiar with the map.

Also, you need to practice aiming with your guns so that you will get more kills. This is another important aspect that will help you and your buddies complete your roles and carry your team to victory.

And here, we will need a special weapon. It's the gaming mouse!