How To Pick Up Women: The I-Casanova Method

For thousands of years in our human history, the art of picking up women remained very much a mystery for men in general.

A few “gifted” guys, being naturally blessed with the skill of picking up women, found it very easy to attract and seduce women.

On the other hand, other guys (including me) had a very hard time getting any dates with girls.

Fortunately these days, the art of attracting women is no longer a mystery and the skill can now be taught to any man alive, even those with ZERO natural talent.

And you don’t even have to be rich, famous or good looking to become a successful “pick up artist.”

There are three stages to any successful “pick up.”

1) Approach: Never approach a woman with your body fully facing her. This signals far too much interest and you’ll give off a desperate “vibe.” Instead, try to stand at a slight angle to her body.

Always start the conversation with a comment, question or statement consisting of two qualities: humour and arrogance.

For example, you meet a girl you find attractive at a bookstore. You decide to pick her up by teasing her for just looking but not buying any books.

You could say “I couldn’t help but notice that we’ve both been in this section for a while now. I didn’t think beautiful women used my little old trick of reading entire books in bookstores for free while pretending to just check

them out.

I thought only guys like me did that to avoid giving our money to the greedy bookstore owners. I’d rather give it to my greedy landlord instead.”

2) Building Trust: The aim of this stage is to get a woman feeling that she can trust you enough to get physically “intimate” with you.

You do this through the art of story-telling. What type of stories? Any story that shows your sensitive human side.

For example, how you just lost your dear pet dog Buster, that you’ve had since you were ten years old. Or how you once helped a stranger while on holiday by protecting them from some local thugs.

By telling stories like this, she would feel like she’s known you for years even if she only just met you.

When you do this correctly, you dramatically speed up the process of having an intimate physical relationship with her. If you don’t do this right you could end up having to take her out on countless dates before you even kiss her.

3) Seduction: This is where you “close the deal” so to speak in a pick up situation. Women usually feel “cheap” if they get physical with a guy too soon in a relationship.

So the key to seduction is to use playful “physical” games to distract her from feeling “slutty.” This will also give her an excuse to feel okay being touched by you.

Palm reading is probably the best thing you can do here. Start by taking her hand in yours and playfully reading it.

Then progress to playing other games that involves her elbows, shoulders, lips and other body parts.

So learn some games and apply them in your seduction. Just be sure you do it very slowly, don’t just jump from the hands to the face. The key to success is to move to each new stage very “gradually.”

These are just a few of my top tips I use and teach other men to use every day in order to become “modern day Casanova” seducers.