How to Copy Xbox Games Instantly

You may have thought that you knew everything there is to know about Xbox 360 but what you are about to read may surprise you. Undoubtedly, any gaming fanatic cringes at the thought of losing or damaging one of their games. Well believe it or not there is now a way to make instant copies of all your favorite Xbox 360 games in just seconds. Today I am going to tell you everything you need to know about how to copy games for your console instantly.

Is Copying Xbox 360 Games Legal?

First things first, most people think that they are doing something morally wrong or illegal when it comes to copying Xbox games or other console games. The truth is that backing up video games is completely legal. The only thing that is illegal is profiting from the copies you have made. Truth be told, you would be crazy not to back up and make copies of your games because if something should happen to one of them, you will not have to return to the mall where you would have to pay a lot of money for the exact Same game that you already owned.

How to Copy Games for you Xbox 360

The actual process of copying an Xbox 360 game is actually very simple. Basically, you will need the following: a computer, DVD burner, some blank disks, game copy wizard software and a copy of the disk that you would like to copy.

Simply start by downloading the game copy software onto your hard drive. Once this has been installed, take a copy of the disk you would like to copy and place it in your DVD burner. The software program will prompt you to press copy. Do so and your computer will then take an "image" of the game you are backing up. Once the image has been taken you can remove your gaming disk and place a blank disk into the DVD burner. Press copy and the computer will immediately transfer the image onto the blank disk. Instantly, you have a perfect copy of your original game. Make sure to do this for all of your games!

Can I Only Copy Xbox games?

Actually, because most games are now on discs, game copy software will actually work for just about any gaming console such as Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and more.

So there you have it. That is how to copy games for your Xbox 360 instantly. As you can see it is much easier than you would think.