He is Constantly Playing Mind Games With Me! How Should I Deal With it? Follow This Advice

Guys love to play all sorts of games with their girlfriends and believe it when someone tells you that they have more than one. You need to be ready anytime your man plays any of his tricks on you and the best way to tackle it is by reacting well to them. Here are seven tips on how you should react when a mind game is hurled at your direction:

Relax even though you are bothered.

First of all, relax. It is really frustrating when you man keeps playing these mind games but you have to remember to keep your composure. When you are bothered, then there is no one else who wins but your man. These games are easy to beat, so you need to remember to just calm down and face them.

Learn if he’s tried this game before.

There is a big chance that he just plays the same old games he’s played on you in the past. If you’ve already encountered a similar incident, then it wouldn’t be difficult for you to go through this again. But you would know what to do this time around.

Find a way out of this trap.

Using your past experiences can help you find a way out of the traps of his mind games. You need to learn how to beat them, and not let these mind games get the best of you. Face him head on and he’ll feel that none of his mind games seem to work on you.

Work on every angle of your defense.

Whenever you are played on again, you have to work on every angle of your defense. You always have to be on the defensive side to be able win. When it won’t even work on you, he’d realize that he really cannot use these mind games on you anymore and, therefore, he’d stop.

Do not overreact, or even show emotion.

When he plays another guessing game on you again, even when you told him to stop, then do not overreact. Do not go to the point of crying and wanting to breaking up with him. He might just be using this as a test if you really like him.

Aside from being non-melodramatic, you should also learn to diffuse your anger.

The usual reaction is definitely to get angry for who wouldn’t get tired of being played on, right? However, getting angry would never solve anything, or even make things better. Stop gritting your teeth and start discussing things with him instead.

Try the same trick on him.

The last thing for you to try is to also do the same tricks on him, in short, give him a dose of his own bitter medicine. When he experiences it, he would realize that it feels awful to be played like this. Hopefully, this should be enough to make him stop.