Games And How To Play Them

Games have always kept us entertained for centuries. There are many categories of these forms of recreation that have different lists of rules for each. Speaking of rules, these games have rules that are easy to follow.

The card game called UNO allows four players who start with seven cards each. These cards have colors and numbers which one card should be played that has a different color or number, but if the player does not have the right card, he or she must draw one card from the deck and end the turn. If a player has one card left, he or she must say "UNO" and wait to use that card because the object of the game is to play all of the cards the player has in order to win.

The board game called Monopoly also allows four players who each start with fifteen hundred dollars of play money. Each player buys a property they land on and prepare it to have others pay you for rent every time they land on it. The object of the game is to make the other three players go bankrupt and remain in the game.

A puzzle game on the web called Alchemy involves colors and symbols. The player has to match these colors and / or symbols to turn the area gold. When that is done, the player advances to the next level, otherwise, the player has to start over.

Games can be fun or boring depending on their critique. This involves rules, appearance, and other qualities of the game. The critique is measured in as many as four or five stars.

I love and play these games all my life. Personally I do not care about the critique of them as long as there is a game to play. There are many others like me who play games a lot and never get tired of them.