DS Fire Card and DS Fire Link – Can’t Live Without It

The latest and greatest release in revolutionary storage for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite is called the DS Fire Card. The DS Fire Card is the size of a traditional Nintendo DS game cartridge, and acts as a plug and play storage system without requiring that you use a PassMe external memory system.

Just like the Game Boy Advance cartridge, the DS Fire Link DS writer provides what is absolutely the easiest way for you to save your game information onto your DS Fire Card. There are a number of features that are associated with the DS Fire Card, which is a highly sought after storage system for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, including the fact that it fits right into the DS Slot 1, without any part of it sticking out. In other words, it installs in the same way that a game cartridge would without any difficulty.

PassMe or FlashMe are not required to boot up this storage system. Instead, you can boot directly from the Slot 1 in your Nintendo DS. There are different sizes of cards available but 16GBit is the most popular one. I also bought the DS Fire card with 16 GBit or 2 Gbyte NAND flash memory. Just like USB Disk Flash Memory, this is very quick and efficient memory. All games are fully supported, and Clear ROM support is offered so no patches are required and Clear ROM is totally supported.

There is also support for multiple games, with the use of an intuitive touch based menu. Any game can be freely added or deleted, and it is simple and straight forward to change games or to store your favorite games. The DS Fire Card is also extremely simple to use and has a plug and play interface. The DS Fire Card, in conjunction with the DS Fire Link, acts like a USB Disk. All that you need to do is copy your game into the unit, and then insert the unit into your DS or DS Lite and play.

The entire thing is as simple as dragging and dropping the files that you want and playing! Anyone who is interested in the latest and greatest technology, especially when it comes to saved game storage on their Nintendo portable consoles absolutely has to check out what the DS Fire Card has to offer. If you do not have a DS Fire Card yet, you are seriously missing out! Forget traditional memory systems that require PassMe or FlashMe. Plug and play storage is the simplest and most straight forward way to enjoy your gaming experience.

I bought my DS Fire Card from http://www.sydneygadgets.com.au and could not be more thrilled with the results. If you’re looking to get your DS Fire Card for a good deal, you really have to check this site out.