Do You Need to Copy GC Discs?

For all you Gamecube players out there, have you ever been worried or even experienced having your game disc scratched? It kinda puts a damper on your day, does not it? Have you wanted to know a simple way to copy GC discs?

If you do an internet search on this subject, you will find a forum post explaining how to copy a backup game disc. However, if you want to make a copy of the original Gamecube disc, then this method will not work.

I had the unfortunate experience of getting a scratched disc and it was not fun! But fortunately I was able to have the disc repaired with a lot of buffing and alcohol, not to drink but to clean the disc with.

Just recently though, I found a couple programs that claim to be able to copy your original Gamecube discs. I found Game Copy Pro and also Copy That Game to copy GC discs with.

I did some further research and found that Game Copy Pro did not exactly deliver what you would expect. Forum reviews mentioned that this software does make copies, however, the copies do not exactly work.

Copy That Game, however, has been working successfully. This software will let you make an exact copy of your original GC game disc which you then can use to play. You will be able to keep your original game disc in mint condition. And in case your backup disc gets scratched, then you can always create another copy and use that.

With Copy That Game, you get software and tutorials on how to proceed. So, if you need to copy GC discs, then you might want to consider getting Copy That Game.