Burn Gamecube Games

When Nintendo released their Gamecube video game system in 2001 the system featured the big N’s first attempt at a console that didn’t rely on cartridges to store it’s games on. It was a big step for Nintendo, and they wanted to make sure that they avoided the mistakes of Sega before them who were the victims of some really nasty software pirating with their basic CD format on the Dreamcast system. So Nintendo invented their own disc. A “mini-DVD”, if you will.

The mini-DVD format left many pirates scratching their heads trying to discover a way around the storage medium of choice for the Gamecube and burn Gamecube games, but were left in the dark for years until the ability to purchase blank mini-DVD’s was made available. Since then the ability to burn Gamecube games has been very accessible.

I, for one, do not recommend the practice unless the one burning the software already owns the game in question and is simply looking to make back-up copies for when their originals get overly worn or broken and cannot be played anymore. And making back-ups is quite the smart thing to do considering the amount of money invested into the common gamer’s library.

The things needed to burn Gamecube games will be the original game copies, of course, some blank mini-DVD’s, and a PC with a DVD burning drive along with some software and instructions which are readily available on many websites like the one I have listed below. The Gamecube was home to some of the greatest video games ever created and provided limitless entertainment for many a gamer over the years. Enjoy your Gamecube games with peace of mind knowing that you’ll now have back-ups in case your original games are ever scratched or broken and as always, happy gaming!