Backups on Gamecube – How to Create One

So, the other day I tried to play my favorite game on my Gamecube and all I got was a strange, whirring sound.

I tried several times to start the game but without any success. After a quick Internet search I found out that this happens only when the disk fills with scratches. I had to buy a new one but during the process I found out what I should have done.

One thing that I did not know is that you actually can make backups. Backups on Gamecube, however, are not easy to make.

The reason is simple: Nintendo has put some software stops that prohibit the copying of the game disks for two reasons:

A) Fight Piracy, which is good.

B) Win money from having to re-buy the game every time, which is not that good.

Fortunately, there are some software out there that can bypass the software and deliver you the backup.

Here is how to do it – Backups on Gamecube

A) Purchase a software that can backup your Gamecube games

B) Insert the game disk in your PC

C) Hit "Copy to PC"

D) Put a fresh disk

E) Copy the game to the disk and you are ready to play!

This will insure that you will be able to buy each game only once keeping your Gamecube expenses low. As a side note it should be said that all these backup software can also backup movies, making that some full backup solutions.

I wish you luck!