Backup Gamecube Games – Is it Possible?

I love my Gamecube. However, Nintendo has made sure to make that I cannot backup Gamecube games easily.

And this can provoke a huge problem as your favorite games will start filling up with scratches and slowly, slowly become unusable. The first sign will arrive when your games start to slow down. Then one day they will start to refuse to play. That is the tipping point. From that point your only solution is to buy a new game.

The reason is very simple.

Take the disk out and you will find out that it is full of little scratches.

So, what can you do about it?

Backup Gamecube Games – Be Predictive and Save yourself money

The way around this problem is to backup Gamecube. Here is how to do it.

a) Purchase a special software that can backup games. It needs to work without any mod chip or special hardware. Easy backup wizard is such an example as it can override the security of Nintendo and backup your games.

b) Install the program

c) Put the game  you want to backup in your PCs reader

d) Check the button on easy backup wizard (or other software) to backup the game.

f) Let it two minutes to copy the game to a local memory and you will be asked to put a fresh disk in

g) Put the disk, press backup and you are done!

From now on when you buy a new game you should first backup it and store the original. If for any reason the backup disk fails you can always make a new backup.