Baby Showers – Fun Games

Baby shower games happen only once in a while and are a great occasion for having fun. After all, a baby shower is sort of a welcome party for the bundle of joy and fun himself or herself, the soon-to-be-born baby. Aside from the moms-to-be, close friends and relatives like grandparents and godparents make themselves available for such an occasion. And how else can one brighten up the party but play group games? People enjoy playing games. Games give people occasion to relate to others and develop friendships among themselves. Baby shower games are also a way of paying homage to the mother for bearing the child.

Here are some of the more common baby shower games and the brief descriptions of how they are played:

Sing it, baby!

Participants position themselves into a round formation. They may either stand up or sit down. When his or her turn comes, each participant will sing several lines from a song that contains the word “baby”. Somebody from the group of participants will have to be designated as starter. The next player to his or her right will have ten seconds to do the same after the starter has finished singing. The next player to the right follows until only one person is left who is able to sing a “baby” song. A song cannot be repeated. Those who repeat a song and those who cannot sing a “baby” song within ten seconds when their turn comes boot themselves out of the game.

Measuring up mommy

The mom-to-be becomes the center of attention in this game. A facilitator will need some two rolls of sanitary tissue for this game. Players will be asked to guess the size of mommy’s girth with the use of the tissue. They will cut the tissue to a length of the paper which they think will approximate the size of mommy’s round belly. Each player will then wrap around mommy’s belly with the tissue he or she cut to determine the winner. The one whose guess is closest to the actual belly size wins it.

Looking at you, kid!

It is fun looking at pictures taken when we were toddlers, right? That is what this game is all about. To get this going, those who are attending the party must be asked earlier (that is, before they come to attend the party itself) to bring with them pictures of themselves when they were kids. The more amusing the pictures look, the better. Upon arrival of participants, party hosts will collect the pictures and assign numbers to them. At game time, the pictures will be laid on a table and each participant given paper and pen. The task is to identify or recognize as much picture as one can by writing the identities on the paper. The participant who gets to identify correctly the most number of kids wins the game.

Don’t say baby

This game will refrain oneself (in the spirit of fun) from saying the word “baby”. This can be tough considering that the event is called baby shower. Diaper pins are given to participants at their arrival for the baby shower. Every time a participant says or mentions the word “baby” a pin is taken away from his or her possession. The participant who gets to retain the greatest number of pins when the party ends collects a prize.

Baby truth or dare

This is a question and answer game. Somebody will be asked to prepare true-or-false trivia questions about babies in general. As the baby shower game gets going, participants will be asked in random to answer the trivia questions. Those who respond or answer the questions correctly will win a prize while those who do not will be dared to do anything he or she likes for everyone’s entertainment.

The seventh gift

This game is inspired by the single lady who grabs the wedding bouquet lobbed by the bride after the wedding rite. Belief has it that that lady will come to be the next bride. Here, the baby shower game partakes of somewhat similar fable-like turn when the gifts are unwrapped. The lady who gave the seventh gift that gets unwrapped is tossed to become the next woman on the family way. Here is a tip: Make sure that the seventh gift is not “planted” so as to make it truly fun and exciting.

Dig out the pins

Players scramble to fish out diaper pins from a big bowl full of uncooked rice. The game runs for two minutes. The player who collects the greatest number of pins wins the game.