All About Kissing Games

The mouth is the most sensitive part of the human body because the lips are covered with a lot of sensitive nerve endings. This makes kissing games good sources of constant delight and excitement. They can add flair to kissing, especially if it has turned into a routine for you and your partner. Using a game, you will be able to view kissing in a whole new light. As a matter of fact, the Karma Sutra book states that kissing is the purest of all sexual acts. It is known to be a sure fire way to easily attain sexual bliss.

Kisses usually start of sweet and tender before they make their way to complete arousal. A deep and very sensual kiss will be enough to turn anyone on.

However, if you find that kissing your partner has lost excitement, you can try different kissing games to put both of you in the mood for more. Kissing games are not restricted solely for teenagers. Even adults can use them to spice things up in the bedroom. There are different kissing games that bring out superb results, each with their own mechanics. Below are a few kissing game ideas that you should try out.

Make your Way Down
Start off by kissing your partner where you would not normally kiss him. You may begin by kissing his hand, his neck, his ears, or on another body part that will rouse his attention. Start with tender kisses, using only the lips to give smacks. Slowly make your kisses more passionate as you go along. Be conscious of the subtle hints that your partner might be giving you to point where he wants to be kissed next. If you can, try to kiss your partner all over his body. Stop only when you and your partner can no longer resist it.

Hot and Cold
You can use different temperatures to your advantage because skin reacts differently to heat and coldness. Drink hot coffee and hot chocolate while your partner takes something cold. After your mouths have absorb the relative temperatures, go on and kiss each other. The different temperature of your lips and your tongues will give the kiss a whole new sensation. The glaring contrast between the two textures will add life to an otherwise boring kiss.

Use your Hands
What makes kissing more intimate is where you place your hands during while making out with your partner. Holding and caressing different body parts can lead to very different effects. Try running your hand gently through your partner's hair, slowly and lightly massaging the stump of his nape. Tangling your fingers around his hair will also arouse him.

Running your hand slowly between your partner's thighs will also drive him mad. Come to get as close as possible to the crotch area without touching his privates just yet. Draw spirals on his skin using the tips of your fingers. Do this as light as you can. This will tease your partner to no end and increase the level of anticipation.