A Brief History of the Nintento Wii Console

The Nintendo Wii is and end product of great research and step by step development and improvement. Conceived in 2001, as the Nintendo GameCube under the designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the concept was forming a new style of player interaction. It was agreed that just power is not it. At that point the market had a lot of powerful consoles. Thus, in order to succeed it was agreed in consensus that the main objective would not be power. In other words making money was considered more important than getting even.

The development from a vision to something fundamental took two years. By 2005 the console had taken form. The controller along with the console was to be introduced at that year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) but was drawn because of some pending troubleshooting on the controller. Finally it was introduced by the Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at the Tokyo Game Show.

The Wii design is said to have been influenced by the DS. According to the designers of the Wii, it was built keeping in mind the DS prototype. The popularity of the DS added to consensus of this decision. Nintendo accepts that the strategy for development of the Wii has been developed from the book Blue Ocean Strategy. The "Six Path Framework" was used, some paths were consolidated and the part of magic wand was played by Wii remote.

The Nintendo Wii is a seventh generation gaming console. The seventh generation also featured handheld controls. The Nintendo DS is considered as a "third pillar", along the existing Game Boy Advance and GameCube versions. The Nintendo DS sports a touch screen and an in built microphone. LaTely, the new DSi has two in built, and the game download facility from the DSi store, and a web browser. Meanwhile certain other development took place such as the PlayStation Portable. The Nintendo has provided connection to the internet through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo DS Browser.

The sale volume of both the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS are high but the Ds scores over the PSP. Then the Xbox 360 and the PS-3 were introduced. Nintendo introduced the new Wii (or converted DS) and the Nintendo Wii scores again with soaring sales. In general, in every generation Nintendo comes up with a product that beats the existing products in the same class. The present market is dominated by the fabulous Nintendo Wii.