9 Unorthodox Ways To Make Your Employees More Productive

Professionals often stick to conventional methods to increase the productivity of their employees. While tried-and-tested ways, such as increasing motivation via monetary compensation, might work to a certain extent, there are other, more cost-effective, remedies that can definitely get the best out of your workforce.

Often employee happiness is directly related to an increase in the productivity of any business. And achieving this sort of work space satisfaction takes employee engagement and reduced stress.

1) Create A Fun Work space That Drives Innovation

Offices that go beyond mere functionality can make your employees proud to work for you. In fact, a well-designed office space is often considered to be directly correlated to staff productivity. Examples of this abound among more progressive organizations, like Pallotta Teamwork’s warehouse-meets-shipping container aesthetic or Nokia’s minimalist-chic vibe. Even, if you have a ‘lean’ office, try redesigning it using an attractive color, and decorating it with paintings, photos, and souvenirs.

2) Sow The Seeds, Reap The Benefits

Adding a splash of greenery to your office environment is considered to be great for your employees’ happiness and productivity. Psychological studies clearly show that bringing plants into an office space can increase a team’s productivity and memory retention while significantly reducing stress.

3) Happy Hours Are Nothing But!

If you think bringing fun to the office can be a distraction, employee retention experts would strongly disagree. Providing some quality fun time for your employees is the best stress buster there is, cheering up your staff even after a relentless day at work. Let your employees grab a few drinks after office and gather them around something that is ‘not work.’ This could involve creative brainstorming about the company blog or discussions on the next character to die on Game Of Thrones.

The point is to make employees feel more comfortable around the office and provide a relaxed breeding ground for creative inspiration.

4) Pets Can Do The Trick

For many, pets are what cheer them up after a hectic day at work. How about allowing your staff to bring their pets to the office?

Even if that might sound like a ridiculous idea, studies have proven that pets in the office create increased morale, happier employees, and a lower rate of absenteeism. Malcolm Gunning of Gunning Commercial, a Sydney-based real estate agency that promotes pet-friendly office spaces, says, “I think what it does is create a very balanced environment. Real estate sales, particularly, is stressful. You’re dealing with large assets. It’s often not straightforward. But the dogs are the calming effect. They’re the balance.”

5) Seat ‘Em Like You Mean It!

Although sitting demands less physical effort than standing or walking, over time a bad chair can cause lower back pain and chronic stiffness. That’s why the right furniture matters. In hectic industries, many employees spend half the day seated at a desk. Make it more worth their while, by investing in ergonomic seating that helps ease the stress of working.

There are different types of ergonomic chairs available in the market. Choose ones that have easy adjustments and lower back support. Remember that the chair must also suit their task and workstation.

6) A Little Bit Of Gaming

Bringing games to the office can be one of the best possible ways to boost the energy levels of your employees. You should consider renovating your office by setting up a table tennis court or a bowling alley, where your team can gather for a ‘chill session’.

Informal, fun-driven gatherings have sometimes birthed the most revolutionary ideas. If you don’t have the budget for a dedicated gaming space, investing in creative, team-based board games is a low-cost option.

7) Social Media Access

Often, companies decide to block access to all social media websites, fearing distraction and under-productivity. While some might see this as a basic fact of corporate life, it can make your employees feel overly restricted and tied down. Understand that social media is slowly becoming a vital to modern society, and barring employees from their favorite websites is a sign that you don’t trust them to get their work done.

8) Hobby Clubs For All

Start a hobby club in your office to give your employees the chance to pursue their passions at work. While at the office, there is a high probability that your employees get stuck in their monotonous work routine and lose their passion for the finer details of life. This can affect their productivity seriously. If you don’t want this to happen, nourish their talents by starting hobby clubs that cater to reading, the dramatic arts, nature and the outdoors, etc.

9) Let Them Sweat It Out!

Exercise or yoga breaks at work are a really effective productivity booster. A recent study shows that even if the employees use some time off their work for exercise, they can meet the required amount of productivity or higher. Contrary to popular thought, exercise is a great way to revitalize the mind and reduce fatigue from long work hours. You can even set up a mini-gym or hire a Zumba instructor at the office and promote the idea of exercise breaks in between work.