5 Theme Ideas That Can Make Your Event EPIC

It's the holiday season and people are starting to add layers to their clothes around the country. That means it is time to party and party some more. Some of the best shindigs happen during the fall season. The holidays play a big role in that and the fact that people do not mind looking foolish when it gets cold out. Many party goers enjoy themes because it somehow takes them out of their normal reality. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be someone or something else for a change especially when everyone else is committed to the same theme.

Soul / Disco Party- 70s theme

A throwback party to the max. Having a party themed for the 1970s allows for all of your invitees to enjoy the colorful, fun and revolutionary times that were the 1970s. People will dress up in their favorite disco theme or even bring out their parents old hippie outfits they found hidden deep in the closet. Motown singers and more are among the costume ideas that you will see. The freedom that the 70s allowed will make for a great party full of excited people of all ages.

Toga Party

One of the most over used themes but dressing up in a sheet is cheap and effective. Nothing says party like a costume that represents the old days in Rome. This party has stood the test of time and with creative people throwing it will surely be remembered amongst your guests. This theme generally brings out a younger feeling in the atmosphere because it is popular in college.

World Theme

A world themed party allows people to come a represent their respective linage. Represent the city, state, country or wherever they were born or raised. This type of party will hit the hearts of your invitees making it almost impossible to show up dressed all the way down with their high school uniforms.

Game Day Theme

Having guests dress up in their favorite sports team is the perfect way to set off bitter rival arguments. Nothing wrong with a little competitive banter to ensure an amazing party. This is definitely a way to get an energy charged atmosphere since so many people might feel strongly about their team.

Movie Theme

Movies provide TONS of material for a themed party. Have a movie themed party and have guests dress up based on particular movie or their favorite movie character. The Great Gatsby, Star Wars and Coming to America are a few movies that can make for great theme parties, but you can do just about anything from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones. Enjoy the excitement, the charge in the air that ends up around you when everyone can dress as their favorite characters.

Whether you choose to go with one theme, or another; you can be sure to have a good time and know all of the people that come to the party are having a good time. Everyone loves a theme, so choose one to stick with, and see just how fun it can be!