5 Quick Fundraising Ideas That Make Bank Without Breaking The Bank

One of the best ways for you to acquire money or other kinds of important resources for your group or organization is through our quick fundraising ideas. You can use these resources in order for you to keep the group’s projects in operation and it can also be a great way for you to advertise and raise awareness about your organization’s objectives as well as the organization itself. To help them sustain their programs, non-profit organizations benefit mostly from fundraising events.

However, you’ll first have to find sources who are willing to support you in this and that means that you’ll also need to know where to look. You should know that there are already certain companies and individuals that are ready to support fundraising activities almost always. And they will help significantly. Not only that, but even some local governments can help if it benefits their localities.

Lots of different things/activities can be done in order for you to make more profitable fundraising events. One of the best way to generate funds is to ask for solicitations as well as sponsorships from individuals and groups. Also you can organize plenty of different events to use as fundraisers like for instance, sports competitions. It can also help if you do things such as selling t-shirts or chocolates, or using our 5 quick fundraising ideas listed below.

And nowadays, considering the amount of changing technology – it has become even easier. There are lots of different non-profit organizations online that are becoming popular when it comes to fundraising. The main reason behind this is because online fundraising let’s you reach a much wider audience more quickly and at low cost. Those include online sales and auctions.

However, whenever you do this you’ll have to remember to be realistic. Always remember that not everybody out there is able to support/help you. Also try to establish goals that can be achieved in a specific time period.

And when it comes to raising funds, one of the most important things you’ll have to take care of is to give your donors and supporters a clear idea of what your organization does and what your goals are. Keep this in mind and you’ll surely have a successful fundraiser.

Also, here are 5 quick fundraising ideas that you can always use to raise funds quickly. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

– Family portrait fundraiser: This is one of the best fundraisers for a church or at school. It’s important that you gather up 200 or more families to participate in it and also make it lucrative for your group. You’ll have to choose a date with a portrait company like H & S Fundraising and they should send you a photographer to the location you’ve chosen. Sell the certificates for $10 each and take care of the sales. The company is going to give each family a free 10×13 and not only that but you can also try and sell additional poses. However, avoid being to pushy and don’t obligate them to do it. As soon as the photographer does his job with 200 families, you’ll have $2000 from the sales. Companies such as H&S are also going to give added incentives of up to $8000 from additional sales. So it’s $2000 plus incentives for only 3 or 4 days of work.

– Cookie dough fundraiser: Even though this is an awesome way for you to build cash flow really quick, you’ll still need some “dough” to start off. Sellers are going to have a script to take orders from family, neighbors and friends and they’ll also have brochures. You should be able to make around $100 from each seller but remember that only 50% of it is going to be your earnings. That means that you’ll be generating a profit of $50 per seller.

– Vegas night fundraiser: Not only that this one is going to be fun, but it can also be very profitable. However, it’s important that you do it right. The odds of you making prime dollars with this fundraiser are high because of the old saying “the house always wins”. It’s important that you have quality tables and good games for it to be successful. Not only that, but you’ll need first class tables and a crew that’s professional and understands their particular game well. They need to love the game (the crew and dealers) so that they make it fun for your players. You are able to easily purchase the necessary things on eBay. Also you shouldn’t forget about the people who don’t game so offer them a Wheel of Fortune and slot machines.

– Dinner sales: Along with this fundraiser you should know that church groups work well. Sometimes this event occurs monthly. As soon as you have a basic idea of what your community likes eating, it’s clear that you can make something up for dinners to sell. Some of the best selling dinners out there are Italian such as chicken, ribs, fish and pizza. On the internet you should be able to find hundreds of different recipes that are available through different websites and eBooks. Also try and have some of the food items donated. You’ll need your dinner fundraiser to be donated and make sure that you are particular with the list of ingredients.

– Talent shows: Out of all, this might be the most interesting one. Just about everyone wants to be a star these days, so you might as well give it to them. You can easily sell tickets to your show that offer acts such as actors, singers, comedians, poets, dancers and some wacky act that’s willing to get up on stage. It should be interesting seeing all those American Idol wannabe’s willing to come and perform. If you have 10 people sell 20 tickets each, you should be able to gather up 200 people easily. So sell your tickets at $10 only and make $2000. Also try and look for local stores and restaurants that are willing to donate prizes for your show in exchange for some publicity at the event.