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Factors To Consider When Building A Dog Kennel

If the dog has a comfortable kennel to live and sleep in, then that would definitely reflect on its happiness. In many cases people place kennels outdoors and in that case then it gets exposed to a number of weather conditions. Here, we will discuss a number of tips on how to ensure that you build the right kind of a kennel which will be able to accommodate your dog well.

Consider the size that you want to build the kennel. Consider a building the kennel in an area that fully exposes it to maximum expansion. Keep in mind that the larger the kennel the more room your dog will have to move around and stretch. You will find that the size has a very important need since it will reflect on the comfort of your dog. You will therefore need to measure the size of your dog in relation to the height for a good size.

Consider keeping the kennel in a place that has no direct exposure to sun and the wind. The sun and wind can really affect the dog and therefore preventing its comfort in the house. In the rainy season, avoid flooding by keeping the area flat. There are the people who will want to have the dog in the nearby but not in the house and therefore building the door of the house close will be important so that the dog can have an easy access to the inside of the house. The area should always be clean of any kind of debris which can disturb the comfort of the dog.
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For a more stable kennel, consider digging holes to hold the post and fill them with concrete. When there is heavy storms and wind, then the kennel in such a position will be able to withstand all that. In the kennel door installation, ensure it is done in the outer direction unlike the inner way. In such a case the dog will be able to move inside with a huge space.
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When it comes to the flooring of the kennel, gravel is always the best idea since it gives the dog a good footing. To have a cleaner floor, then use the large gravel to allow the moisture drain off easily and very quickly.

It is always important to have the kennel warm and at a good temperature both day and night. Let the kennel floor be slightly lifted above the door level so that it may prevent cold from reaching the dog. You can add a thick carpet or a blanket on the floor to aid in such.

Finally the roof should always be sloped to prevent accumulation of rain water and debris on the top.