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What the Most Useful Excel Tips Are

The important role that is played by excel in everyday work cannot be ignored when one is dealing with tons of big data. There are tips that can help a lot for both the advanced users of Excel and the beginners. Spreadsheets secrets are there that can help a lot in everyday work. The first and most simple one is selecting all the data in a spreadsheet. How to select using the control key + A shortcut is what most people know, however, by clicking the corner button on top one can select all the data. One, on the other hand can open files in bulk instead of opening them one by one. When one has multiple files to work on this ensures that they can open them simultaneously. One can do this by selecting all Navigatinghe files that they need to open and then pressing Enter.

Through the files when one has already opened the different sheets can be tiresome and one can easily work on the wrong spreadsheet ruining the whole project. By just using Ctrl + Tab, once one has different files open they can shift between them freely. Undo typing, repeat typing and save are the shortcuts that are most common in the top menu of a spreadsheet. However, one can add others using the quick access toolbar by following the File then Options then Quick access toolbar route. After selecting a shortcut such as cut copy and saving one can notice shortcuts adding at the top menu. A diagonal line one can also add to a cell. Borders usually can change different borders of a cell and when one clicks more borders they can even add a diagonal line. Also, one can easily navigate the spreadsheets in different directions with only a click on the Ctrl + any arrow key.

When one actually needs to add multiple rows or columns they can do it without having to add one by one. By dragging the selected number of rows or columns then highlighting them and lastly choosing insert on the drop down menu, this can be made possible and new rows or columns will be added. One can copy and move data in a cell easily this is by choosing the pointer to the borders until it turns into a crossed arrow icon and then one can freely move it. To copy one is needed to click Control button before they drag the data to move it and a new column will copy all the selected data. Many are the tricks in Excel and all that one needs is to be acquainted well with the spreadsheets.

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