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Selecting the Right Drug Rehabilitation Program

Making the addict agree to treatment is the first big step to his recovery, but after that, the very first question that comes to mind is, what type of drug rehab center or program is best? Most addiction experts believe that the best programs are those that pull the addict out from familiar surroundings that may have fed the addiction.

This can be critical as being close to home makes it easy for one to revert back to old practices. In other words, the best environment is a drug rehab or residential treatment center that is a good distance away from the physical comfort zone of the recovering addict.

Though the option mentioned above is ideal, several addicts and/or their families cannot afford the typically expensive cost involved. Also, addicts seeking recovery may have jobs or family commitments that make attending a residential facility extremely difficult. In some cases, out-patient treatment is the only possible choice.

The good news is, addicts and/or their families will have an entire array of choices, whether they are up for outpatient or inpatient treatment. One is between a custom and a non-custom program. Custom programs are meant for individuals with more or less the same lifestyle, demographic, employment or socioeconomic background.

Other types of custom programs may also be made for individuals whose jobs or professionals make them very susceptible to drug or alcohol abuse. For example, musicians have a known tendency to abuse drugs, while professional athletes have been caught, time and again, abusing prescription drugs. Creative people are generally more inclined to addiction. Also, the elderly are more prone to developing alcohol abuse, according to statistics. Anyone in this group of people can reap benefits from attending a custom program. In addition, teenagers have been shown to respond more to treatment programs when they are among their peers. For the greater majority though, a non-custom program is the more suitable choice. Here, addicts deal with all types of people from all walks of life.

In the rehab center, people with any type of addiction will be made to realize that anyone could be in their shoes. When the addicts go past the self-blame stage, they will be able to connect with sufferers in the center, helping each other as they all strive towards permanent recovery.

Once the treatment is complete (usually within one-and-a-half months), the careful preparation for the recovered addict to return home – the environment where the addiction was once nurtured – begins. Usually, at this time, another drug rehab center or an ancillary facility will provide outpatient programs. At th is point, the former addict’s recovery is still very new and sensitive. The addict will still be needing the support of family and friends, along with individual and group counseling sessions with people from the treatment center.
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