Features of Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

While seniors can always opt for one of the regular cell phone plans available, there are also special phones and cell phone plans geared especially toward them that eliminate some of the problems seniors have with cell phones and expensive plans. These cell phone plans for seniors typically have a few features in common.

Low Price

Many senior citizens are on fixed incomes and can’t afford expensive cell phone plans. This is why many plans geared toward seniors offer a low monthly fee, and some also don’t require people to sign a contract, making it easy for them to change plans if necessary. The price will vary based on the number of minutes needed, but some of the plans cost less than $20 per month. Those who just need a phone for emergencies can sometimes get a very low number of minutes for under $10 per month.

Easy-to-Use Phones

Small buttons and screens make it difficult for some seniors to use cell phones. However, special phones are available that feature larger buttons and easy-to-read screens. These simple phones usually aren’t smartphones, so there are fewer complicated features to worry about. They have simple menus and the ability to program a few numbers into speed dial so there’s no need to even access these menus when calling frequently used numbers. They may also have camera capability.

Sounds Good

As people get older, their hearing ability tends to decline a bit. Special cell phone plans for the elderly often feature phones that are hearing aid compatible, include Bluetooth functionality, and even have enhanced volume and speaker phone features to help make it easier for people to talk on the phone even if their hearing isn’t quite what it used to be.

Emergency Alert

Certain plans even feature special emergency alert service for a small additional monthly fee. This means seniors can reach an operator who can dispatch any needed emergency assistance right away. The operators will know who is calling and who should be notified in case of an emergency, so help will be available even if the senior can’t tell them exactly what’s wrong.