How to Avoid Eye Strain When Playing the Nintendo 3DS

It's no secret that all forms of 3D content is a leading cause of eye strain. Statistics vary, but most scientists agree that between 10-25% of people are susceptible to eye strain and can even develop splitting headaches after looking at 3D content for too long.

The Nintendo 3DS is no exception.

Even though you do not need to wear glasses when playing the Nintendo 3DS it still causes eye strain just as any 3D content does. This is because all 3D effects are achieved in the same way, by sending two different images to each of your eyes and there before confusing your brain. This confusion causes the illusion of depth.

But not all hope is lost. Nintendo are not going to release a handheld gaming device that immediately alienates over 10% of their audience, and there are plenty of ways to avoid eye strain while playing the Nintendo 3DS:

1. Adjust the 3D Slider . Yep, there's a toggle built right in to the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to toggle the strength of the 3D effects. This is known as the 3D Slider and it simply sits to the right of the top display and allows you to adjust the intensity of the 3D to your looking.

You can either have it on full blast for the full depth (but big risk of eye strain) or switch it to its lowest setting and disable 3D effects completely. You'll have to find what setting works best for you on average, but it's still probably wise to disable the 3D effects at times to proactively fight eye strain.

2. Shorten your gaming sessions . I'm in the minority of people who struggle with 3D content at times. I remember seeing Avatar and not wanting to look away but having a throbbing pain in my head because of all the action. Ideally, you will not put yourself through extended periods of Nintendo 3DS gaming.

Block out times of your day where you can play the 3DS, guilt-free, but do not give yourself enough time to sit there staring at the display for more than an hour. A series of shorter gaming sessions are much better for your eyesight than trying to deal with the pain.

3. Play games with depth . There are two varieties of 3D content: depth and "in your face" – the former is what you want, and the later is what causes the majority of eye strain. Masahiro Sakurai, the game designer behind Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS had this to say on the subject of eye strain:

The screen on the 3DS is a really beautiful screen and achieves very nice effects. In my experience of development and actually using it, when you have a lot of objects flying towards the user I find that it's more likely to cause eye strain so during development I'm using objects moving away from the user which does not have that Effect.

But how do you …

Diabetic Games

Diabetes is a serious disease, and a difficult one to wrap your mind around, especially if you’re a kid. There are a few websites out there that make learning about diabetes a game! These forward thinking websites are of major benefit to both kids with diabetes, their young friends, and also to people of all ages who need to learn about the nutritional needs of people with diabetes.

Diabetes isn’t a game; no-one would argue that. However, using games as a learning tool can teach kids important skills, they can be fun for the whole family and they provide a welcome stress relief for many young people.

I have reviewed these various games, and here are the results:

The Diabetic Dog Game on the Nobel Prize educational games site. This is easy to sign up for; Pick a caretaker name and the name of your dog. You will receive a doggy manual telling you how to take care of your dog.

As a “caretaker,” I was instructed to keep my dog healthy by walking him, feeding him by buying food at the shop and keeping his blood sugar in check by giving him insulin injections. Keeping an eye on the bar at the bottom left of my screen informed me what the dog’s blood sugar was and I could take care of him according to his needs. Read the manual first, your dog’s blood sugar can drop quickly! The dog’s information is kept in a database, and you can compare how you are doing with other dog owners.

Didget from Bayer is a glucose meter that plugs into a Nintendo system, to reward the child for consistent testing. It awards reward points that children can use to buy items within the game and unlock new game levels. This is a unique idea, and one I think many parents will welcome.

The Didget isn’t available in the US yet, as it was developed in the U.K. But you can sign up for information on has a number of games on their website, all aimed at teaching diabetic kids stay healthy. None of them are complex or difficult.

*Build a Healthy Kid – Select three activities from the left, and three foods from the right. They are fed into the kid-building machine and the resulting “kid” pops out the bottom.

*Fix Frank – in which you are invited to place Frankenstein’s internal organs into the correct positions.

*Build a Healthy Plate – Move a spaceship and shoot a fork to get the right foods to build your healthy plate.

*Crossword – A fun crossword game in which you select a picture to get the clue.

*Food Fight – Not a very instructive game, but as much fun as it sounds! Don’t forget to dodge!

*Food Safari – Find the food hidden in the jungle. Quite uninspired.

There are more games on the way, as this idea catches on. Here is a quote from University of Washington’s News and Events:

“Leading …

Playstation2-Game Cheats Grip-Your Seat In The Fast Lane?

Playstation2 Game Cheats We are aware of the unstoppable spread of online gaming and video gaming addiction. Everyone is in to it, from kids to teens to the adults, almost everyone.

There are about 6 popular consoles that are frequently used by gamers and one of them is the Play station2 console that is created. It is second to come out in the Play station series following the Play station. So because of the rage in online and video gaming, cheats are also becoming more in demand. Accessible now in the online and offline market is a lot of game cheats such as Play station2 game cheats. The world of computer games is such a dream land for gamers. They can actually go to other places other than their own, where they can enjoy different quests.

Playstation2 game cheats offer much more than that for the reason that the player can easily gain access to hidden passes and secret entries to the application of it during or off the game or they can in fact jump up to other levels without the intracycption of venturing through The early stages. This is why playstation2 fanatics are so dependent in the usage of playstation2 game cheats.

Here are some Playstation2 new cheat games to check out plus there corresponding playstation2 cheats. Gamers learn more and enjoy!

Guitar Hero 2 This Playstation2 game is a sequel of a game with the same title. If you are rocker and wanted to carry and play a guitar of your own virtual then this is the appropriate game for you. Many agreed that this game really ROCKS! So to help you in get started on this particular PS2 cheat games here are some playstation2 cheats.

To deactivate or activate the hyper speed mode, go to the title menu and enter the following playstation2 cheats: Orange , Blue, Orange, Yellow (2X).

To strengthen performance press Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Yellow

To change crowd features you can enter the following Playstation2 cheats codes:

B, O, Y, O, Y, O, B The crow will have eyeball heads. O, B, Y, Y, O, B, Y, Y Your fans will have heads like the monkey. To change you guitars appearance you can use the subsequent playstation2 cheats:

Y, Y, B, O, Y, B The guitar you are holding will become an air guitar. MVP 07 NCAA Baseball Are you a baseball fan or player? Whatever you are this recent update in the series of NCAA baseball will perk your energy up! It is a college-based baseball video game. The new MVP 07 NCAA Baseball has a new feature called Rock and Fire Pitching, giving the player more control to the pitches. Although there are a lot of new features that you can take advantage of this game, it is pretty hard. Currently there are no available playstation2 cheats for MVP 07 NCAA Baseball. The game will be launch probably on February 6, 2007. …

Release Those Fishing Urges – Play Bass Fishing Games Online

If you are an avid fisherman, you know that it is not always possible to go fishing when you want to. Whatever the weather is preventing you from fishing when you want to or it is just the wife wanting you to stay in more, chances are that you do not get out on fishing trips as much as you want to. It's not always about leaving the home; Sometimes it is about focusing on something and using it to relax and release.

If this sounds like your love for bass fishing, you should definitely consider bass fishing games. You can play bass fishing games on the Internet whenever you want to, usually for free, when you have some spare time. That may work to help take the edge off until you can get away to reconnect with real nature instead of the digital version.

Many times, when you play bass fishing games online you can play them in an interactive environment. This is the type of game where you can play with and chat with other people who are playing the same game with you. This is a great way to get to talk to other people who get bored during the day and obviously share your love of fishing. With a few minutes of play every day you may find yourself happier having something to look forward to, especially something related to your love of fishing.

You can play bass fishing games at many sites on the web. There are entire websites out there that are dedicated to providing people with free flash games, and if simpler flash games are more your style this may be the type of thing that you want to consider. When you are playing the types of bass fishing games that need to be downloaded onto the computer, there are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind. The first thing to be sure of is that the download is safe for your computer. If you can not entirely trust the source, you may want to think twice about what you are risking.

Secondly, double check the system requirements for the game. If you have an older computer or one with no memory you may not get the best performance possible out of the game.

If you want to play bass fishing games online, there are many different ones to try. Depending on how interactive you want to go, you can lose yourself for hours. Just be sure that you have time to spare! …

Unbeatable Terran Vs Zerg Strategy – Mass Ravens

If you’re having trouble beating Zerg as a Terran player, give this unique strategy a try. At first it doesn’t seem very effective to mass up a lot of Ravens, but when you get a lot of them they are extremely powerful.

Start off with this build order: Barracks 12, Refinery 12, Factory when you get 100 gas, then another Refinery. When the Factory is done build 2 Starports and put Tech Labs on them. Then start making Ravens. You’ll have a lot of minerals left over, so make Marines to defend and help attack with.

Once you get 3-4 Ravens move out into the Zerg base and lay down a bunch of Auto-Turrets while you attack with your Marines. It can be very effective to make a Medivac and drop some Marines right into the Zerg main base to surpass defenses. Do as much economic damage as you can.

Keep the pressure on throughout the game, harassing with Auto-Turret drops. Don’t be afraid to use all your energy on them, the more Turrets there are the more effective they become, and Ravens get energy back fairly quick. As you expand and get access to more Refineries, start researching upgrades to make your Ravens more effective. Seeker Missile is great against tightly packed units and getting the building upgrade at your Engineering Bay can help your Auto-Turrets live longer.

As you mass up Ravens you’ll have a lot more energy to play with, being able to lay down a lot of Turrets and cast a lot of Seeker Missiles. Move around with your Marines and Hellions to kill off Creep Tumors and slow down the Zerg army while your Raven energy is charging. The key to winning with this strategy is to be very aggressive and keep pressuring your opponents bases where they have to fight and can’t simply run away from your Ravens’ spells.

To win games at higher levels you’ll have to really focus on your macro while you do this strategy so you have lots of Marines and Hellions to support your Raven army. If you let your macro slip you could be in for some trouble as Zerg may just outmass you.…

How to Make 3D Video Game Models

A 3D Model is a three-dimensional object you put into a video game. The most common model is that of the player in the game. But it can also be almost anything else you can imagine. Here is an overview of how you make 3D models for video games.

When you make a video game most of the design is done the same way an architect would design a city or a building. It is all very static. You define the shapes of the objects then you insert textures and colors. But this is just the static world that everything happens inside. The real adventure of a video game comes when the models are inserted into the game. And if you are learning how to make a video game using some of the more common software like Reality Factory you do not have a whole lot of options for making models. This is where 3D modeling software comes in.

To Make a 3D Model you need some 3D modeling software

There are many different modeling software applications and most of them are very suitable for making models for games. Some of the more popular packages are:

  • Maya – A high end 3d modeling package, which is used by professionals and often, used to make movies. It also has a scaled down version which is more affordable
  • 3Ds Max – Another high end modeling package that is very popular within the game making industry
  • Lightwave – This is a professional package at a reasonable cost. If you are serious about 3d modeling this is a good option
  • Blender – This is a free open source software package that has some amazing abilities. If you have no budget this is the way to go.
  • Milkshape 3D – Very inexpensive and easy to use 3D modeling package. They have a nice 30-day free trial period which gives you then chance to learn and test before you buy.

How is a 3D model made?

There are a few different paths to making a model for a video game. Here is a generic overview of the process steps.

  1. You design a skeleton of your model. Think of this as the bones and joints underneath. You will not see any of this when you play the game but these bones and joints are very necessary because they tell the game how the model moves. Exactly the same way your bones and joints define how you move.
  2. You design a colorless and texture-less skin around the bones and joints. This is how your model will look in shape.
  3. You color in the skin to get the exact look of the model. This is the details of the model. You make the final look here by putting in eyes, clothes, or anything else.
  4. You define how your model will be. You tell the model what joints will move in what directions. This is a big time saver with modeling software because you just tell it the beginning and

Nintendo Wii – What Wii Stands For

The Wii got its name through the way it's controlled: Wireless Inter-Interface. The inter-interface (meaning other hardware ie the Nunchuck) can connect to the main interface (the Wiimote).

The original concept design for the Wii was thought up by Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's legendary game designer, in 2001, right after the Gamecube's release. The whole idea revolved around a simple motive: create a system that the player can interact with; Not just hold a controller and move a character around, but physically interact with the game- through movement and speech. Garnering the code-name Revolution, the console was a well-kept secret promising to change the way we play games.

By the time of its release in 2006, the Wii was on everyone's mind. The whole idea of ​​controlling the game though your hand movements had infinite potential. The hype was lived up to, seen by staggeringly high worldwide sales; Nearly 35 million units sold. The gaming revolution was just beginning. The Wii stand for what gamers always wanted: true interaction with their favorite games. Now, players were able to aim Samus's arm, or pull back Links bow as if they were the characters themselves.

This immersion attracted many, from all walk of life. One of the most advertised aspects of the Wii was that it's fun for the whole family- anyone can join. It stands for bringing the family together, no matter how old the player was. The Wii also stands for the casual player. While other consoles rely on a certain fan base and titles geared towards a specific age, the Wii meant to be a casual platform which could appeal to anyone who was just looking for a diversion.

This is why the Wii was king in the console wars- because it stood for what gaming console should really be like: Fun for the whole family, and easy to get into. The Wii's implementation of a motion controller helped revolutionize the gaming industry. No longer were players restricted to sitting in a position position, only moving their thumbs. Now, they were able to physically interact with the game on screen. This presented a whole new way of playing games, a radical change from the traditional controller.

This was one of the Wii's finest selling points: it stood for innovation. Not only did it bring in new ideas, but it also bought back old ones too. The Wii is a prime platform too experience old classic gems such as Street Fighter, Mario 64, Mutant Ninja Turtles IV, and various other games considered classics, all of which can be bought online through the Wii shop channel at low prices. Perhaps the most exiting aspect to gamers is Wii's revitalization of classic franchises, bringing them into the interactive 3D universe: Zelda and Mario could now be experienced in an innovative new way. The most appealing aspect of these games is the immense fun they are to play with the Wiimote, which is the most important thing the Wii stands for: Fun. …

Do You Need to Copy GC Discs?

For all you Gamecube players out there, have you ever been worried or even experienced having your game disc scratched? It kinda puts a damper on your day, does not it? Have you wanted to know a simple way to copy GC discs?

If you do an internet search on this subject, you will find a forum post explaining how to copy a backup game disc. However, if you want to make a copy of the original Gamecube disc, then this method will not work.

I had the unfortunate experience of getting a scratched disc and it was not fun! But fortunately I was able to have the disc repaired with a lot of buffing and alcohol, not to drink but to clean the disc with.

Just recently though, I found a couple programs that claim to be able to copy your original Gamecube discs. I found Game Copy Pro and also Copy That Game to copy GC discs with.

I did some further research and found that Game Copy Pro did not exactly deliver what you would expect. Forum reviews mentioned that this software does make copies, however, the copies do not exactly work.

Copy That Game, however, has been working successfully. This software will let you make an exact copy of your original GC game disc which you then can use to play. You will be able to keep your original game disc in mint condition. And in case your backup disc gets scratched, then you can always create another copy and use that.

With Copy That Game, you get software and tutorials on how to proceed. So, if you need to copy GC discs, then you might want to consider getting Copy That Game. …

Xbox Game Copy Software – Is it Legal?

If you own an XBOX 360 you'll be aware of fun it can bring, though you'll also be aware that it can be expensive to own especially when you want to update your game library or buy the same games as your friends to play Them online.

So with all this expected expense, what happens when you scratch one of your disks (and lets face it, these disks are not bomb proof), or is it damaged by sunlight? Go back to the shop and exchange it? Nope. Send it to the manufacturer for a new disk? Nope, can not do that either. Fork out again for a game you have already paid for once? Seems a bit unfair. Is there another way?

The only real solution is to use XBOX game copy software to make a backup version of your games as soon as you buy them. This way if the backup version gets scratched, you'll still have your original game in a safe place to make another copy and carry on. With all the press about piracy this solution sounds illegal. Is it?

Well, actually, using XBOX game copy software is not illegal. Most countries will allow the original disk buyer to use XBOX game copy software so long as they are aware of the law against piracy, they still have the original disk and are only using XBOX game copy software for personal use. So with no legal issues (so long as you dont do anything stupid like sell copied games to your friends) the only remaining factor is the ease at which this can be done.

With new XBOX game copy software available you will not need to open your console to install a mod chip, and it's simple enough to use so you do not have to be a technical genius.

Here are the 4 simple steps to using XBOX game copy software to back up your games:

1) Get the XBOX game copy software which will create perfect copies of your games
2) Run the program and put the original disk in your computer
3) Copy the disk to your computer (can take a little while)
4) Replace the original game with a blank disk and follow the instructions.

And there you have it, legally created perfect copies of your games without having to risk harming your console. You would not believe how much I have saved since I bought this XBOX game copy software but than I might be clumsier than you're average gamer. …

High Quality Justin Bieber Nintendo DS Skin

The Portable Sony PlayStation (PSP), Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS are some of the most wanted gaming consoles today. Small gadgets like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are meant to be mobile, allowing you to bring them along anywhere you go. While they are built to be able to take on rough usage, the appearance can easily deteriorate without proper care.

With the introduction of gaming console skins, users can now protect their gadgets from minor scratches and also making the gadgets look new. These game consoles are expensive investments, therefore proper care and maintenance is required to ensure it is able to function well for years.

Protective skin layers come in many designs, colors, styles, types and materials used to produce them. Some of them are plain in color while some have background pictures like game or cartoon characters. There are even skins based on famous celebrities, such as Justin Bieber Nintendo DS Skin and Justin Bieber PSP Skins, which are gaining popularity.

These skins are made of high quality breathable or airy vinyl with decals that looks like paintjobs done for hot rods and race cars. They are cheap and affordable as well, with most of them usually priced no more than $ 15 on Amazon and eBay.

The materials used to produce these skins are thick enough to safeguard your gaming gadgets from most scratches. Unlike paper, it will not tear easily or leave residues like stickers when you want to remove them.

Aside from that, it keeps dirt and dust away from your system. Moreover, it keeps the system jack or ports safe from getting damaged which can affect the overall usage of the gaming console. For instance, some of the games are only playable through download from the PC, and if the port is damaged, it could be difficult to transfer files into it.

Spending a little money to protect your gaming gadget from get spoiled is nothing comparing the amount you would spend on repairs and parts if it's not protected. …