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Essential Wrestling Gear for Wrestling Competitions

Wrestling demands that you wear the correct protective gear like it is with other games. The market, these days is flooded with a broad assortment of wrestling products. It is important to put on the correct wrestling attire to protect your body from any harm. You might be new to this competition and unaware of the requirements. Just so you know, you only require a few items to get going with the sport. These requirements may vary according to the type of game. Here are some basic protective items you’ll require before going to a wrestling competition, particularly as a newbie:


This is customarily worn on the head. It mainly shields your ears and chin. A large number of blows in a wrestling competition always are aimed at the ear. Your ear,being a very fragile organ, must be protected as you wrestle. The most frequent ear complication resulting from blows is the cauliflower ear. It is marked by a permanent scar in the sensitive region of your ear due to a burst of blood vessels.
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Wrestling singlets
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These are recognized as the official wrestling attire to wear in a competition. Their material is predominantly nylon and spandex. These materials are the most suitable since they make it difficult to grab someone during a match. Singlets are designed to fit wrestlers tightly. They come in a number of shapes, that is, the fila-cut, the high-cut and the low-cut. You can also get a reversible singlet, which has a double color combination.

Wrestling shoes

These are similar to athletics shoes. Their elasticity and lightweight nature are meant to provide maximum comfort during the match. You must ensure you obtain official wrestling shoes before stepping forward for the match. In lower level youth matches, you might be allowed to wear normal gym shoes. You must wear official wrestling shoes to enter sanctioned wrestling competitions. You can purchase official wrestling shoes at prices ranging between $30 and $130.

Additional wrestling gear

Elbow and kneepads are required to safeguard your limbs and joints against injuries in case of a fall. They are designed specially to permit free movement. These pads are cushioned softly on the interiors to prevent serious wounds. You can also use mouth guards to protect your mouth from any harm. You might use a blood rag to clean yourself whenever the need arises. It is recommended that each wrestler keeps this beneath their singlet. It is recommended that you wear jockstraps to shield your genitalia if you are a male wrestler.

Head masks, coverings and braces are worth considering too. You get to shield your hair and face during the competition. You also need to obtain lace covers before the match to prevent them from untying.