Different Types of Video Game Platforms Popular Today


Video games are the most common forms of electronic games today. These provide human interaction with the help of user interface, input and output devices. Video games are played with the help of different devices namely the input controller, main console and a visual display unit. The users use a certain input device also known as game controllers to generate a visual feedback on the video device and all this is controlled by the main console.

The platforms via which video games are played have been evolving since the beginning. From simple pin ball machines to arcade machines, they have been played with different units. There are several platforms available for playing electronic games these days. The popular ones are namely: Personal Computers, Video Game Consoles and Mobile Devices.

Personal Computers

Personal Computers are one of the most convenient types of video game platforms available today. They can be desktop PCs or Laptops with special hardware configuration that helps users load up and run these games on their system. The hardware should include a powerful main memory and also a graphic processing memory known as GPU. Powerful GPUs are considered better for generating excellent output. Together with these and other common hardware of PC such as a display monitor, keyboard and mouse games can be easily played.

Personal Computers can also be configured with additional devices like joysticks to make the experience better. The experience can also be improved by connecting computers to big TV screens with the help of cables like HDMI or VGA cable that the TV supports. Together with all these, Personal Computers serve as a great gaming platform.

Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles are devices that are specially created just to play video games. They normally come with input devices such as a joystick and a main unit that does all the processing work. They usually are connected to TV screens in order to see the visual feedback of the consoles.

There are several types of consoles available in the market today. The popular ones are Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 for example. These have become a handy name for electronic game consoles. There are also handheld consoles such as Nintendo DS and PSP Vita. These handheld consoles are light in size and feature their own display unit. So, the video game consoles are another popular platform which is widely available these days.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

The rise of mobile devices introduced mobile gaming to the scene. Mobile games are played on cell phone devices or handheld tablets. These two are the main platforms for playing mobile games. Mobile games are available in various forms. The mobile games are normally built for the operating system that the phones have. Today the popular ones are Android Mobile Operating System and iOS for iPhones. There are also other mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Firefox OS.

Thousands and thousands of games are available on the mobile platform. This might be due to the fact …

Play Pokemon Games Online


Pokemon is one of the modern-day characters that many kids have come to love. Pokemons are character monsters that kids can use as a pet. But they are not real pets, of course. They are role-playing video games that were created by the Japanese leader in games, Nintendo. Pokemon is very popular, and it is second only to Mario, the best-selling game Nintendo has ever produced. Play Pokemon games through a console, online, or over the internet. Whichever game mode you choose, you are sure to enjoy this adventure game that kids of today prefer.

The Pokemon games come in different types and variations. There are adventure games, Pokemon card games, puzzles, and role playing games as well. The original Nintendo version involves the battle between the different Pokemon characters. Players act as trainers that lead their pets into the battle. The better trainer wins the game.

Pokemon characters have different innate skills and abilities. Their abilities also grow as they gain more experience in their battles. Every battle won adds notches of experience to the Pokemon, which in turn, would allow them to evolve into a stronger and a lot more talented pet.

Play Pokemon online and know how the game progresses. The most popular Pokemon game version is the role playing game, wherein you take on Ash’s role of being the monster’s trainer. Your quest is to become the best Pokemon trainer with the strongest and most disciplined pet in the whole world.

Kids usually play Pokemon through a game console like the Nintendo Game Boy and the much newer Nintendo DS. However, there are many Pokemon games online. These games can be played for free and you can practically learn everything about Pokemon characters through it.

Since most of these games are made out of Flash programming, the games are fully interactive and work very similarly to the original Pokemon game that kids had come to know about. Join the younger generation as you start your quest in finding the rarest Pokemon in the jungle. Play Pokemon by training Pickachu, or any of your favorite Pokemon character, to become the strongest in the entire land. Beat your enemies, more particularly the members of the Team Rocket and their evil mission to use Pokemon to facilitate their wicked plan of taking over the world.

Pickachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the most popular Pokemon characters used in the game. There more than a hundred Pokemons in the league. You’re free to collect them all and store them in your Pokedex. It would all depend on the type of game you’re playing. Some games are limited when it comes to the sideshows and focus more on the Pokemon battles.

To play Pokemon online, choose the right game that matches your expertise. Beginners are advised to engage in a relatively simple game that will hone your skills as a trainer. There are more complex games online that would work perfectly to those who have played a similar game before. Adults …

Pogo Game Cheat Codes – Fact Or Fiction?

Pogo have become more and more popular each day. Basically, they provide free and paid membership to play games on their site, but with a unique twist. The most addictive one being the users can have a cartoon representation called Mini and you can put many things to it, i.e. to accessorize it. This feature alone results in thousands upon thousands paid subscribers along the years. And it is also because of this Mini thing, people are searching high and low in Google for “Pogo game cheat codes”. Let me explain.

To buy things for your Mini, you need Tokens. Pogo Token is the first official currency in Pogo. The best thing about Token, compared to Gems (secondary Pogo currency), is that it won’t lead you to bankruptcy, for it’s not something you need to buy. You get it for free within any of the select games that give away Token prize, e.g. Sweet Tooth To Go, Poppit! To Go, etc. “But if it’s free, why do we see people selling it everywhere online?” Good question.

The main reason is that Tokens to be earned from games are very limited. What I mean by limited is that you can only collect a mere 20-100 Tokens per finished round. So if your target item is totalling 100,000 Tokens, for instance, then you need to win for about 1000 times… and that’s a lot!

That’s when something like Pogo game cheat codes come to a rescue.

With a proper cheat tool, you will be able to generate codes for millions of Pogo Tokens in split second, and upload 96,000 of them to your account every 24 hours (96,000 is a limitation by Pogo Terms of Service). I say “proper” because most cheaters only use bot to play automatically and thus, it still takes hours to generate millions of Tokens. In short, a proper tool do the millions, while a bot only do the pennies.

So if you ask me, whether Pogo game cheat codes fact or fiction… it is definitely the first.…

Online Computer Games

Online computer games take advantage of the Internet to offer an excellent gaming experience. Online computer games are of four types. You can play some online computer games with a browser window. For that you need to log on to a specific web site. Some online computer games are text-based. You can play those games in a web-based forum. If the games are loaded with lots of graphics, you will require stand-alone software packages. Players challenge each other over the Internet. Some online computer games can be played with e-mail. E-mail computer games were the first stage of the online computer games revolution. MUDs, or Multi-User Dungeons, were extremely popular during the age of e-mail computer games.

Let's now discuss what you need to play those games. If you want to play computer games online, you need to have a high-quality Internet connection. You also need to ensure you have the hardware support to play the game. Not only that, you need to have the software installed on your pc to run the game. It's always useful to have software capable of locating active game servers. This will make your job easier. As we have mentioned earlier, you can play online computer games in a web browser. The best thing about online computer games is that these games have successfully overcome the geographical barrier among the players. Players from far-off physical locations now can take part in online computer games. That's the secret of their popularity.

Lineage, Counter-Strike, EverQuest, Quake and Half-Life are some popular online computer game titles. Internet users have especially found the online computer games quite interesting. If you want to enjoy gambling, card games or arcade games online, you need to check out what online computer games have in store for you. You can not deny the fact that online games are here to stay. …

Download Games For Wii Nintendo

The Nintendo Wii has definitely made its mark in home video gaming. Coming to two years after its launch, the consoles continue to be going great guns. Unlike in the past when Wii games had always been lackluster compared to the consoles, newer Games for Wii are starting to match up to the consoles in terms of demand. Fortunately, there's no shortage fiasco on the card for games because there are feasible alternatives.

The Games for Wii was never a Nintendo forte. It was always more of the way the games were played than the essence of the games itself. Of late though, new releases of Wii games such as Wii Fit, Blast Works, We Ski and so forth are looking like the Wii is finally coming into its own in that area too. Then again, there are also signs that it's headed for another case of stock-out propensity.

If there was any lessons learnt from the launch of the consoles, top on the list should be the supple issues. It's not only damaging for Nintendo in missed opportunities, it's also very frustrating and wasteful for the Wii gamers. The driving around town for that new disc that has run short of supply wastes petrol, time and efforts among other things. That hard-gotten machine is but only a white-elephant without the games.

The premium pricing of Wii video games does not help things either. The cost of the games adds up quickly as more and more of them are churned out and it does not look like the price of the games is coming down anytime soon. Instead of improving the affordability of the pastime with the increased volume, some of the new games actually require the purchase of add-ons and accessories such as the Balance Board in the Wii Fit package.

As a result, Wii gamers are resorting to other means to load their machines. Wii game rentals have done on to some degree. Popular games for other consoles are also being converted through re-formatting to be playable on Wii machines, independent 3rd-party game developers and publishers have joined in the fray but by far the most popular solution to the affordability and availability problems is the Wii membership Download service.

Games Download Service sites are found all over the shop on the net. Free unlimited lifetime download for a one-time joining fee looks to be the most popular type of package. The fee is typically around the standard price of a single physical game disc. There's really no comparison in price as they are effectively endless free Wii games for members and being downloaded online, they're also theoretically never out-of-stock.

Lastly, watch out for scams and pretenders in picking the right download service provider. Unless you're a multi-console gamer, choose from the pool of exclusive Wii providers as they tend to be more specialized. Other free Wii media like music, movies and TV shows must be included, along with software, tools and accessories at no charge and backed …

Nintendo Wii Accessory Review

Over time, the evolution of video game accessories has taken gaming to new heights of entertainment. Nintendo's new gaming platform is no different and is even a step ahead of its competitors in terms of accessories. You may be left wondering how Nintendo created such an innovative device. With the Nintendo Wii console, Nintendo will be able to appeal to the long time Nintendo fans as well as non gamers alike due to the fact that you can just pick up and play it.

The Nintendo Wii has a set of accessories designed to enhance your gaming experience beyond simply pressing buttons. A few of these great accessories are as follows:

The Wiimote is a small, light, remote control device. It works wirelessly via the use of a short-range Bluetooth system. The Wiimote is motion sensitive, allowing users to interact with their games. Some games succeed with doing this in a very smooth and fluid way but other games feel kind of awkward and do not register certain movements. This new way of gaming will open up doors for designers and give them more control of how the game is made. One "problem" with this new way of playing is the number of reports of people accidentally throwing their Wiimote while swinging. Nintendo is rectifying this by distributing free "gloves" that will give users a little more grip.

The Nunchuk is an analog controller that plugs into the Wiimote. It has an analog stick along with buttons to give the gamer even more control. It has a motion sensor as well and is used in games such as Wii Boxing, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Red Steel.

The Nintendo Classic Controller is a more traditional controller that plugs into the Wiimote. It is mainly used to play Virtual Console games. You can also use a GameCube controller for playing Virtual Console games.

Recently, Nintendo has released information on the upcoming Wii Light gun. The light gun seems to attach to the bottom of the Wiimote to give you the feeling of holding a gun. This could inevitably lead to some fun games and a new way of playing.

It is no lie, the Nintendo Wii is lacking in the graphics department with games that visually look no better than games on the GameCube did. The reason they are number one right now is because of the level of innovation involved with some of these amazing games.

Only time will tell what new exciting accessories the Nintendo Wii has in store for us! …

Easy Steps to Buying a Gamecube Package

You are going to buy a Gamecube system but what else do you need to buy with it? What are the best games to buy? Do you need extra controllers? Should you buy a memory card, or Game Boy Player? And what is a Game Boy Player? Follow these simple directions below and you can answer all those questions and start enjoying your system in no time.

Games – After choosing the system, the biggest decision is what games will you buy to go along with it. The Gamecube is just a big indigo paperweight if you do not have any games to play. The first way to pick a game is to choose something related to a hobby of yours outside of gaming. Do you play football, skateboarding, like cars, or fishing? There are games for all of these hobbies and more. The second option for choosing your games is start with a list of the most popular games released on the Gamecube. They are:

Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda Wind Waker, Zelda Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Sonic Adventure Battle 2

These games are not made for everyone, so be sure you check the ratings and descriptions before buying one.

Controllers – The Gamecube console originally came with one controller in the box but four slots for controllers. So you can buy three more controllers for the system if you want. If you will always be playing by yourself, you do not have to spend money on an extra controller. But I recommend buying at least one more because you never know when a friend will pop on over to play. If you choose any of the games that allow four players to play at once, definitely buy three extra controllers. They will be worth every penny with all the fun you will have with them.

This is a great time to mention the difference between Nintendo controllers and third party controllers. Nintendo controllers are more reliable and comfortable while third party controllers are less expensive. I only buy Nintendo controllers myself, because I think they are worth the extra money for the piece of mind that they will not break on you.

Accessories – Two major accessories were released on the Gamecube, memory cards and the Game Boy Player. Memory cards are required to save your progress in a game. You will need at least one memory card without you wanting to keep playing the same levels over and over again. Nintendo made three different sizes of memory card, 4MB, 16MB and 64MB. The smaller sizes will work for many adventure games but almost all sports games will require at least a 16MB and sometimes a 64MB card to save a season. I recommend a 16MB card for most people without you are definitely buying sports games.

The Game Boy Player is completely optional but can be a great addition to the system. The player allows you to play any Game Boy, …

PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 – Which One Has More Features?

Gaming consoles are one of the best entertainment tools available and many people buy one for their own home. In fact, gaming consoles are very popular today that every release of a new kind of box, stores always run out of stock.

However, there are also different kinds available in the market today that claims to be the best. These companies claim that they guarantee that with their console, you will have the ultimate experience. Because of this, people tend to get confused on which one they should buy.

Two examples of companies that manufacture game boxes that are always competing is Sony and Microsoft. The upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 and the newly released Microsoft Xbox 360 are two of the most popular consoles available today. Both companies claim that theirs offers the best quality game experience that you will ever have.

So, in order to end all the confusion, here are some facts about these two different boxes and with this information, you can choose which one is right for you.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is the third in the PlayStation series and is expecting great success upon its release on November 2006 in Japan, United States, and in Canada. PlayStation 3 is integrated with the latest and unique technology in a game device.

It has features like the Blu-ray drive that is not found in other gaming consoles available in the market today. The Blu-ray drive is one of the latest disc drives available presently. What makes it special is it has a much larger capacity to store data, meaning it will allow game developers to show their creativity and add detailing effects to make the game more realistic than ever before.

The PlayStation 3 can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi. This technology will enable you to connect to the Internet wirelessly and it will be able to give you the capability to play online PlayStation 3 games along with millions of players worldwide. Think of this as a virtual community where you can make friends with someone halfway around the world.

PlayStation 3 also has Bluetooth wireless controllers available. This means that it can definitely let you have a more enjoyable experience when you play a PlayStation game. With PlayStation 3, you can also upgrade the hard disk.

PlayStation 3 also has the backward compatibility feature which allows you to play your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games in your new PlayStation 3.

Xbox 360 also offers one of the best features in a gaming console. Microsoft has thought all about the needs of consumers in a game box. Because of this, they developed and manufactured the Xbox 360 system that virtually has everything that you need in a system. It has wireless controllers, upgradeable hard drive, Xbox Live headset to let you chat with your friends when playing Xbox 360 online games, WiFi adapter and can also be integrated with the Xbox Live Vision.

As you can see, both gaming console system are closely matched …

Top 5 Nintendo DS Games for Preschoolers

Since the release of the original Nintendo DS in 2004, the company as steadliy promoted the hand-held console towards kids and especially preschoolers, so if you’re looking for the best Nintendo DS Games for Preschoolers, here’s our top 5 guide to games for kids from preschool to kindergarten.

#1 – Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea

Veteran gamemaker Atari brings the educational series about a yellow fish named Freddi and her green friend Luther to the DS for the first time in Freddi Fish: ABC Under the Sea. Released in October, Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea is the 6th game in the Freddi Fish series for kids, and this one focuses on early letter recognition for children ages 3-5. The game focuses on skills such as letter recognition, vocabulary, spelling, counting, following directions, coloring and tracing.

#2 – The Wonder Pets!: Save the Animals

Let your little one team up with the popular classroom pets from the Nick Jr show – Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck. They will learn about animals as they help a Bengal Tiger, Panda Bear and Chimpanzee in need. With the DS stylus and microphone, they tap, drag, blow, speak and circle their way through activities like pulling a thorn from the tiger’s paw, building a ladder to rescue a baby panda and towing the chimpanzee’s space capsule to safety.

#3 – Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: New Year’s Celebration

Now your child can learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun and exciting way from one of their Nick Jr buddy. The game fully utilizes the DS capabilities as kids can tap, drag, scribble, blow and shout through different activities. Let your child help YeYe prepare for a Chinese New year’s celebration with fun games like paper crafting, cooking, lighting lanterns, playing music and more.

#4 – Sesame Street: Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure

Everybody’s favorite kindergartener, Elmo, teaches kids letters through engaging mini-games with easy to follow audio-visual directions that preschoolers can master on their own. The best part is the game’s difficulty adapts to your child’s level. The Nintendo DS version even includes Gameplay Helpers to simplify gameplay for your preschooler

#5 – Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival

Googly-eyed Cookie Monster is another one of the lovable, furry characters from Sesame Street who will teach your little one numbers through engaging mini-games with easy to follow audio-visual directions that most preschoolers can master on their own. Much like the Elmo game, the difficulty level will adapt to your child and the Nintendo DS version include Gameplay Helpers to simplify gameplay for your little one.

These top 5 Nintendo DS Games for Preschoolers are not only bestsellers, they are also some the best educational games on the console for younger players. Buy ahead of your own Cookie Monster or Elmo’s birthday and all of a sudden, you’ll be the best mommy or daddy in the world (like you aren’t already)!…

What Does The Sony PlayStation Move Mean For The PS4?

In case you have not heard, Sony announced back around March 11, 2010 at the Game Developers Conference that they would have left a hand held controller called Sony Move. The Sony Move is a motion-controlled video game controller that allows users to physically control the motors on their TV screen. As you have guessed this is intended to be a competitor to the Nintendo Wii. The Sony Move is set to be priced at under $ 100, which is great considering the economy right now and is on target to have a release date of Fall 2010.

The Sony Move is a black hand sized wand looking thing with a white lighted ball on top. It also has an accessory controller that looks similar to the nun-chuck of the Nintendo Wii and is to be used for the same purposes. Included with this package is something Sony has created called the PlayStation Eye Camera, this will allow characters on screen to mimic the users voice, abilities, and motors. In addition to the release of this package, Sony has 20+ Move compatible games coming out around the same time all create by top level developers such as EA Sports, Activision, etc.

So What Does this Mean for the PlayStation 4?

We do not really know at this point … it is safe to say though that with the PlayStation 3 (PS3) starting to rev up in popularity and the addition of the Sony Move, that this current PS3 game console could last for some Time … We could vent to say that this means the PlayStation 4 release date will be pushed back even further than the tentative 2012 date, but we do not really know. No one does … all we can recommend for the time being is to purchase the Sony Move and have a blast using it on your PS3!

We are hoping though that the PS4 will still be releasing when we assume it to be, and we can not wait. Since this technology is being added on to the PS3, there is no telling what to expect from the PlayStation 4, in fact this new release can make us wonder even more kind of features it will have! …

How To Download PS2 Games – Download And Burn PS2 Games

Do you still buy your PlayStation games from your local shop? Walking down in the pouring rain only to find that the game you’re after is sold out? Now a day’s it’s just as easy to download a game from the internet, burn it to CD and play on! But most of the games are old and downloading them from P2P networks like Kazaa and torrent sites is illegal.

So is there away to download PlayStation games from the comfort of your home legally? Yes there is! Certain websites have databases full of PlayStation games, music, videos, movies and games on other platforms, all kept up to date and free to download. You have to pay a fee to join these sites, but it’s only a one time fee and there is usually a money back guarantee. Remember to check for this before you join though.

So are these sites easy to use? Most of them are, with both downloads straight from the site and person to person downloads. You just log on, search for the game your after and start downloading. When the game finishes downloading (which takes 2-4 hours) you can burn it to CD and play it on your Playstation. Simple!

Which are the best sites to use? There are a lot of them out there and some are no where near as good as others. There games are old and there download speeds are slow. Also some sites are specific to a certain platform. Some could be for Xbox or Nintendo, but there are a lot that has everything.…

Where to Find the Best Video Game Cheats

Almost since the invention of the video game there has been a way to enter a video game cheat code. Anyone who has played Contra on Nintendo can probably recite the cheat code for unlimited life. It is OK that you just recited the code in your head! These are the types of video game cheat codes that are available — unlimited health, unlimited ammo, unlocking hidden levels and even ways to skip levels.

Evolution of Video Game Cheats

At first these cheats had to be entered into the game before game play began or with a special cartridge, such as Game Genie. There were also video game cheats that needed to be discovered within the game play, sometimes you were given hints and sometimes you discovered them by accident. Either way they changed the way the game was played. Now cheats are more interactive and are considered more like bonuses than actual cheats, they may ask you to enter a code or you may be rewarded. There has always been a certain order. In which these cheats can be used and game creators have embraced the effort of game players to hunt for the cheats.

Where Are the Cheats

There are many websites, magazines, and published guides available to game players. The off line guides can be found at gaming stores, department stores, and even some video stores that rent video games. You can even subscribe to magazines that provide the cheats for the most recent games and some of the classics. Websites number in the hundreds if not thousands; some are dedicated to specific games while others cover a broad range of games and systems.

While searching for these video game cheats the only thing to be cautious of is that you have the correct game system. Different codes are setup for different systems based on the system setup.

Now that you have the video games cheats go and beat that game!…