Different Types of Video Game Platforms Popular Today


Video games are the most common forms of electronic games today. These provide human interaction with the help of user interface, input and output devices. Video games are played with the help of different devices namely the input controller, main console and a visual display unit. The users use a certain input device also known as game controllers to generate a visual feedback on the video device and all this is controlled by the main console.

The platforms via which video games are played have been evolving since the beginning. From simple pin ball machines to arcade machines, they have been played with different units. There are several platforms available for playing electronic games these days. The popular ones are namely: Personal Computers, Video Game Consoles and Mobile Devices.

Personal Computers

Personal Computers are one of the most convenient types of video game platforms available today. They can be desktop PCs or Laptops with special hardware configuration that helps users load up and run these games on their system. The hardware should include a powerful main memory and also a graphic processing memory known as GPU. Powerful GPUs are considered better for generating excellent output. Together with these and other common hardware of PC such as a display monitor, keyboard and mouse games can be easily played.

Personal Computers can also be configured with additional devices like joysticks to make the experience better. The experience can also be improved by connecting computers to big TV screens with the help of cables like HDMI or VGA cable that the TV supports. Together with all these, Personal Computers serve as a great gaming platform.

Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles are devices that are specially created just to play video games. They normally come with input devices such as a joystick and a main unit that does all the processing work. They usually are connected to TV screens in order to see the visual feedback of the consoles.

There are several types of consoles available in the market today. The popular ones are Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 for example. These have become a handy name for electronic game consoles. There are also handheld consoles such as Nintendo DS and PSP Vita. These handheld consoles are light in size and feature their own display unit. So, the video game consoles are another popular platform which is widely available these days.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

The rise of mobile devices introduced mobile gaming to the scene. Mobile games are played on cell phone devices or handheld tablets. These two are the main platforms for playing mobile games. Mobile games are available in various forms. The mobile games are normally built for the operating system that the phones have. Today the popular ones are Android Mobile Operating System and iOS for iPhones. There are also other mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Firefox OS.

Thousands and thousands of games are available on the mobile platform. This might be due to the fact …

Play Pokemon Games Online


Pokemon is one of the modern-day characters that many kids have come to love. Pokemons are character monsters that kids can use as a pet. But they are not real pets, of course. They are role-playing video games that were created by the Japanese leader in games, Nintendo. Pokemon is very popular, and it is second only to Mario, the best-selling game Nintendo has ever produced. Play Pokemon games through a console, online, or over the internet. Whichever game mode you choose, you are sure to enjoy this adventure game that kids of today prefer.

The Pokemon games come in different types and variations. There are adventure games, Pokemon card games, puzzles, and role playing games as well. The original Nintendo version involves the battle between the different Pokemon characters. Players act as trainers that lead their pets into the battle. The better trainer wins the game.

Pokemon characters have different innate skills and abilities. Their abilities also grow as they gain more experience in their battles. Every battle won adds notches of experience to the Pokemon, which in turn, would allow them to evolve into a stronger and a lot more talented pet.

Play Pokemon online and know how the game progresses. The most popular Pokemon game version is the role playing game, wherein you take on Ash’s role of being the monster’s trainer. Your quest is to become the best Pokemon trainer with the strongest and most disciplined pet in the whole world.

Kids usually play Pokemon through a game console like the Nintendo Game Boy and the much newer Nintendo DS. However, there are many Pokemon games online. These games can be played for free and you can practically learn everything about Pokemon characters through it.

Since most of these games are made out of Flash programming, the games are fully interactive and work very similarly to the original Pokemon game that kids had come to know about. Join the younger generation as you start your quest in finding the rarest Pokemon in the jungle. Play Pokemon by training Pickachu, or any of your favorite Pokemon character, to become the strongest in the entire land. Beat your enemies, more particularly the members of the Team Rocket and their evil mission to use Pokemon to facilitate their wicked plan of taking over the world.

Pickachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the most popular Pokemon characters used in the game. There more than a hundred Pokemons in the league. You’re free to collect them all and store them in your Pokedex. It would all depend on the type of game you’re playing. Some games are limited when it comes to the sideshows and focus more on the Pokemon battles.

To play Pokemon online, choose the right game that matches your expertise. Beginners are advised to engage in a relatively simple game that will hone your skills as a trainer. There are more complex games online that would work perfectly to those who have played a similar game before. Adults …

The Nintendo Revolution Controller – Skepticism Meets Reality

Well over the past week or so I have had plenty of time to sit back and take a critical look at the new Nintendo Revolution controller. Initially, when I first saw the teaser I was excited about the possibilities the new controller offered. However after some more reflection and further reading, though I am still enthusiastic, I think there are some serious questions that need to be asked.

Nintendo has been an innovator in the video game industry since the early 1980's. From the very beginning, Nintendo engineers have had to prove themselves. The introduction of the analogue controller and even the "rumble pack" was met with a great deal of skepticism, yet are considered industry standards today. However, a single hand remote style controller is arguably a much larger innovation and is met with even more skepticism.

It has been reported on several websites that the Nintendo Revolution [http://www.nintendorevolution.ca] will be compatible with Gamecube titles. Of course this raises questions on how the new controller will function with these games

"What we are telling people right now is that there are several peripherals in the works that will be used for the older games," said Perrin Kaplan, vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo. "Of course, people will be able to plug their Gamecube controller right in and use that, but if they want, they can use the Revolution's peripherals for an entirely new and fresh experience."

Will gamers be able to adapt to a single hand controller? I think the answer to this question will depend on game developers. The success of the controller and the console for that matter depends on whether-or-not game developers will be able to produce games which compliment the new controller.

This also raises questions over game cross-over from one system to another. With the introduction of a whole new controller, effectively changing the way we play games, well we see a drop in big title games available for multiple systems?

With the release of the new teaser and a slew of new images, people are forgetting that the new Nintendo Revolution controller is not at the final design stage.

"No, this is not the final design. You will not see that until the release is here, but we are getting much closer, "explained Kaplan.

Over the next several months, more information will become available. Information which will either put much of the skepticism to rest, or more likely, create even more. With a product like the Nintendo Revolution controller, apprehension and skepticism are natural, making this a critical time for Nintendo. With the release of the Xbox before the end of 2005 and the processing power of the PlayStation 3 Nintendo really does have to come up with something revolutionary to compete in the next generation game console market. Does Nintendo really have something special for us? Only Time well tell. …

AD5 Network – highest CPM rates!

Ad5 Network takes digital marketing to a completely new level by providing various ad formats though its smart advertising platform. The ad units are designed for desktop and mobile traffic to match your targeted audience. Ad5.net Network is popular for pops and banner ads among media buyers. They optimize campaigns to get best ROI for advertisers and show only high converting ads with high CPM rates (up to $5) to publishers. They also provide the highest fill rates which helps earn more money. Ad5 checks all traffic for malware thought their strict anti-cheat system. Copyright infringement content is not allowed. Ad5 is accepting various publishers globally. Their min payout is $100, which is paid though PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, etc. If you have high quality traffic on your website you can expect high profit in no time.…

Pros and Cons for Xbox, PS2 and GameCube – Part III

Hardware is also an aspect that you should take into consideration when choosing a home console. If you are looking for the fastest system, you should be aware of the fact that the three competitors (the Xbox, PS2 and the GameCube) are offering an almost similar gaming experience. But the difference comes in the ability of playing DVD movies or connecting to the Internet.

Slight differences can be found in the hard drive area as the three systems (the PS2, the GameCube or the Xbox) have different memory capabilities. For instance, the GameCube and PS2 use memory cards that have to be bought separately from the main system. On the other hand, the Xbox is using an internal hard drive that is obviously larger than any memory card. Therefore, the Xbox is capable of storing and playing things you download from the Internet like music or extra levels for your game.

The Internet connectivity feature means that you will be able to play with or against other persons via Internet, you can download extra levels for your games or you can upgrade your gaming options. When it comes to these Internet connectivity features, the Xbox has a built in Ethernet port that allow you to easily get online. The PS2 can be purchased in two options: with an integrated Ethernet port or with a separate Ethernet and modem adapter. The GameCube comes in some models capable of Internet connectivity.

Another hardware aspect is the home console's capacity of playing DVDs. The PS2 has the incorporated ability of playing DVDs. The Xbox is offering you the same capability if of playing DVDs but only after purchasing a separate DVD accessory. The present GameCube is unfortunately too small to hold a DVD playing capability.

In conclusion when you have to choose between the Xbox, the PS2 or the GameCube, you should look into all their features and capabilities. One home console may have a better feature than the others, or the other way around. It is a natural thing to happen in a competitive market. Your own preferences in games, hardware or Internet connectivity will be in the end the deciding factor. …

Is There a Way to Copy XBOX Games? Here’s the Easy Way How You Can Backup Any Game

If you’re an XBOX player, then you’ve probably come across a time when you wanted to copy an XBOX game. Making backups of games can be a great way to protect them against scratches or damage – the problem is that many people don’t know exactly how to burn XBOX games. Today we go over exactly how anyone can backup any video game.

Many people question whether it’s illegal to copy XBOX games. Now, as you probably know, I’m not a lawyer, but from the information I have come across it’s illegal to burn copywrited material that you don’t already own, but not the ones that you have already purchased. This means that you shouldn’t go around copying every game you can get your hands on, but are more than able to copy the games you own so that you protect them against damage. Again, the laws vary, so I encourage you to double check if you’re curious.

This article will hopefully help people that want to be able to make legal backup copies of their XBOX games. It’s incredibly easy to do and a great tool to have available.

If you’ve ever tried copying an XBOX game with the same burning software that you use to copy a music CD or data DVD, you’ve probably ended up frustrated. These programs aren’t typically able to produce copies because the game discs actually have copyright guards on them that prevent duplication.

If you want to make a copy of an XBOX game, you need a way to get past these guards.

That’s exactly what certain softwares allow you to do. There are now companies that have produced technologically advanced programs that actually allow your computer to get past these copyright guards.

Is it hard to use these programs?

Not at all. You just enter the game disc, press your mouse button couple of times, and your computer will then make an “image” of the game data. You then insert a blank disc and this data is transferred onto the disc. This gives you an exact copy of the original XBOX game.

You’re looking at spending $30-$40 for this type of program. There are some that try to charge more, but there’s no need to. Just look for a program that is reasonably priced and gives you a moneyback guarantee in case anything comes up.…

Emmy Record-Holders

This year's Emmy Awards are slated for 18 September. The night is symbolic of the achievement and workmanship that those in the television industry put into their work. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences rewards outstanding work that has been done in the television arena over the past year. Some have consistently shown the workmanship that has seen them take the award multiple times. Here is a list of Emmy facts on such:

Hector Ramirez is the most nominated individual in the history of the Emmys. This year, Ramirez got five nominations, bringing his total to 64. Ramirez has been a cameraman for such shows as Dancing With The Stars, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and awards shows such as the Academy Awards. In addition to the Oscars, this year he has been nominated for his work on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert, the Grammys and the Kennedy Centre Honors. Ramirez, who broke Jac Vanza's (TBS producer) record of 57 in 2010, has 15 prior wins.

Saturday Night Live, a show that Ramirez has worked on, beat ER's record to become the most nominated show in history. It won 16 nominations this year to bring its tally to 142. SNL was officially eligible to compete for the Emmys since 1976 and with the exception of 1981, 1982 and 1988, has received at least one nomination ever since. On September 18th, we will know if it will add to its 28 wins.

Sheila Nevins, HBO's President of Documentary and Family Programming, is the most celebrated individual in Emmy history, winning the statuette 22 times. She recently surpassed James L. Brooks Edward J. Greene's record of 20.

The most feted performers are Cloris Leachman (8) and Edward Asner (7) for a broad spectrum of TV work including guest performances, programs and TV movies. The most awards won for the same role by a performer is five each by Candice Bergen and Don Knotts for Murphy Brown and the Andy Griffith show respectively. Candice Bergen won her awards between 1989 and 1995, while Don Knotts won them between 1961 and 1967.

Frasier is the Emmy's most awarded TV series ever. The show, which ran between 1993 and 2004, collected 37 Emmys in total. The show also holds the record for most consecutive wins in the comedy show category, with five wins between 1994 and 1998. Eight of the 37 awards are for the show's stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce. The character of Frasier was played by Grammer on two other TV shows, Cheers and Wings. He was nominated for those performances too and he now holds the record for most nominations for the same character in multiple TV shows. Grammer was nominated for all but one season of the show's run, Pierce was nominated for every season.

The highest number of wins by a TV show in the drama category is jointly held by three series: The Hill Street Blues, LA Law and The West Wing. Hill …

DS Fire Card and DS Fire Link – Can’t Live Without It

The latest and greatest release in revolutionary storage for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite is called the DS Fire Card. The DS Fire Card is the size of a traditional Nintendo DS game cartridge, and acts as a plug and play storage system without requiring that you use a PassMe external memory system.

Just like the Game Boy Advance cartridge, the DS Fire Link DS writer provides what is absolutely the easiest way for you to save your game information onto your DS Fire Card. There are a number of features that are associated with the DS Fire Card, which is a highly sought after storage system for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, including the fact that it fits right into the DS Slot 1, without any part of it sticking out. In other words, it installs in the same way that a game cartridge would without any difficulty.

PassMe or FlashMe are not required to boot up this storage system. Instead, you can boot directly from the Slot 1 in your Nintendo DS. There are different sizes of cards available but 16GBit is the most popular one. I also bought the DS Fire card with 16 GBit or 2 Gbyte NAND flash memory. Just like USB Disk Flash Memory, this is very quick and efficient memory. All games are fully supported, and Clear ROM support is offered so no patches are required and Clear ROM is totally supported.

There is also support for multiple games, with the use of an intuitive touch based menu. Any game can be freely added or deleted, and it is simple and straight forward to change games or to store your favorite games. The DS Fire Card is also extremely simple to use and has a plug and play interface. The DS Fire Card, in conjunction with the DS Fire Link, acts like a USB Disk. All that you need to do is copy your game into the unit, and then insert the unit into your DS or DS Lite and play.

The entire thing is as simple as dragging and dropping the files that you want and playing! Anyone who is interested in the latest and greatest technology, especially when it comes to saved game storage on their Nintendo portable consoles absolutely has to check out what the DS Fire Card has to offer. If you do not have a DS Fire Card yet, you are seriously missing out! Forget traditional memory systems that require PassMe or FlashMe. Plug and play storage is the simplest and most straight forward way to enjoy your gaming experience.

I bought my DS Fire Card from http://www.sydneygadgets.com.au and could not be more thrilled with the results. If you’re looking to get your DS Fire Card for a good deal, you really have to check this site out.…

PlayStation Vs Xbox – The Gamer Debate!

There are several points to take into account when comparing both systems. You can not solve the PlayStation vs Xbox debate simply based on the graphics or value of each console. In this article, I will be comparing both systems with facts while keeping a completely unbiased approach.

The PlayStation 3 is currently about $ 100 more expensive than the Xbox 360. The 80GB version is sold for $ 399 and the 160GB for 499 $ while the Xbox's 60GB version is sold for $ 299 and 399 $ for the 120GB's one. 100 $ is quite a big difference but you will see that it's not that bad after reading the other points.

Luckily, the Xbox 360 is pretty cheap because it has an extremely high failure rate. Some say it's around 16% but retailers are reporting much higher numbers going up to 33%. The most famous problem is the always annoying Red Ring of Death (RROD). There is literally thousands of programs being sold on the internet that are supposed to teach you how to fix it yourself but it remains a very serious issue. The PS3, on the other hand, has an amazingly low defect rate which is reported to be around 0.2%.

This is probably the only point that can not be argued. The PlayStation has built-in Wi-Fi, Blu-Ray and Bluetooth makes it very customizable with third party devices, the 360 ​​has none of these. You can get the 60GB version and just install a 300GB laptop drive on your PS3 if you need the extra space. You can store and stream media, the Xbox can do the same, except the storing part.

Apparently, the PS3 has better graphics but it's not always the case. The Xbox 360's GPU is actually more powerful than the Cell processor of the PlayStation. However, this processor is very special and can create outstanding results when used correctly. When comparing the same title on both systems, the Xbox usually has the edge but with exclusive titles, created to make the best out of the Cell processor, the PS3 can be very impressive.

This used to be the Xbox's strongest advantage. Since it came out before the PS3, it obviously had a wider choice of game but things changed. In 2008 alone, the quality of the new titles was pretty even for both consoles and I'd say that in 2009, so far, the PlayStation is leading with games like Killzone 2 and inFamous coming out soon. The 360 ​​still has very good exclusives such as the Halo and Gears of War series.

Online Gaming
This is where I would give the Xbox extra points. Xbox Live subscription fee is about 50 $ a year while PlayStation Network is free but, unfortunately, you get what you pay for. XBL has many advantages and is a lot more popular than its counterpart. One thing that makes XBL stands out is the gamerscore, it's human nature to always want …

Race Car Games For Kids

The kids car games can be played for free, if you have a computer and an Internet connection. You can select the race car games for kids that you want your children to play. You can choose from a wide range of games, starting from simple car race games till more complicated strategy games, in which your children have to involve and think about the way they should act in order to continue the game.

These race car games for kids were specially designed for children combining exciting races with activities suited for children's age. You can choose the kids car games by age. In order to find out the age range for which these race car games for kids were intended, just read a little info on the game. Most of these kids car games can be played by two players, so if you have only one computer and two children, that is not a problem.
When you access these free kids car games, you will be given some explanations and instructions of the game, and you can watch a short demo to see how it works.
The majority of these games involve some strategies, and most of them are also educational, so the kids do not only play, but learn a little as well. By going online to play these race car games for kids, the children can compete with other users and actually join a real competition, which is a highly challenging activity for a youngster.

When playing race car games for kids online, the children can enter some forums, where they can make new friends and chat about their scores at different kids car games.
These race car games for kids can also be downloaded, so the children can play them also when they are not online.

There's also the option of getting kids car games via e-mail, so your children can keep up to date with the latest and coolest race car games for kids. All in all, the race car games for kids are a pleasant way to spend some time while joining an exciting competition and using some clever strategies to solve the tasks given in the game. …

Downloading Wii Games Online – Start Playing Tonight

Any gamer knows that the Nintendo Wii is the hottest console game on today's market. Gone are the days that you have to go to your retail store to purchase new games. You may have heard about pay per download; today you can continue playing and save money while playing as many games as you desire. This article is going to provide you valuable information on downloading Wii games online. There are several sites that will allow you to download games online; and when you first begin looking for sites that provide this service you must know what you are looking for.

When you first begin looking for a company that provides this service you want to avoid the ones that have an abundance of popups and charge you a monthly fee to use them. The one I use only charges a one time fee; and you can download all the games you desire whenever you want. It is kind of like going to your local buffet you can "eat all you want" while only paying one price. This concept of being able to download games is not new; it never became popular because people attempted to avoid it. They feared trojan viruses, and extremely slow downloads. However with today's technology things have improved dramatically and the it is extremely safe and quick to do this process.

You should also find a company that that will provide great customer service; one that will enable you to speak to a live operator whenever you require assistance. If a member of a site can not get get great live service then chances are they are not a company you want to be with. There are quite a few websites that you can get this service for for less than $ 50; however chances are the service will be terrible and you will not be satisfied with it.

This is a great concept for anyone who wants to continue playing games and does not want to continue spending all that money on new games. The only barrier that I see with this concept is that since it is such a popular gaming console and the games are available to anyone who wants to download; is the price points of the games. More people will be getting their hands on the more popular games.

Anyone who is a gamer should definitely do their due diligence before jumping in and deciding to go with a company. Go with a company that you feel will fit your needs. This information on downloading Wii games online can help anyone who is new and looking for a service to utilize. The most important thing to remember is to go with someone you can trust and who provides the support that you desire.

If you found this valuable information on downloading Wii Games online helpful; then visit our website below for more information on a website that does it all. You can literally get access to the members area …

Nintendo Wii Games Full Line Up

Through the days of GameCube, GameBoy, Entertainment System and the DS line, there was really little between the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (PS) in video gaming. That was until the Wii came along, and then BANG! By now, few true -blue video gamers would dispute that Nintendo has clearly surged ahead.

Needless to say, the video game industry is highly lucrative and everybody wants a bite of the pie. To occupy pole position, the Nintendo Wii had to be top-notch as a lifestyle item. It is multimedia, personal computer, internet browser, communication device and most of all, the mother of all video game consoles, all-in-one.

Everything about Wii revolves around the remote controller and Nintendo Wii Games are no exception. Its motion sensing technology makes the gaming experience feels like the real thing be it tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and so forth. So much for the 'couch potato' image of video gaming as the intrinsic specialty of Nintendo Wii Games is the players' movement.

Nintendo Wii Games are inherently played without clutter or restraint through its wireless remote. It is the tennis racquet, steering wheel, gun or bowling ball depending on what game is on. Coupled with the Nunchuck secondary controller, it truly brings Nintendo Wii Games into a gaming dimension previously unknown. There is even an adaptor that fits over the remote for those who are more accustomed to the old-version controller.

Game consoles are generally tended to kids but Nintendo Wii Games can be family affairs, they have the range. There's even a menu channel for setting up personal profiles called Mii so involvement and participation can be even and well-matched regardless of age, gender and other conditions. A wide variety of games are available spanning sports, action, fighting, puzzles, casino and others.

Classic and retro games are also widely available. For one thing, the Nintendo Wii is backward compatible to the games of GameCube and even Entertainment System series. 4 GameCube controller ports are actually provided although some of the old games can be played with the Wii remote. The media bay will also accept the old GameCube discs along with the newer Wii version.

The primary source of Nintendo Wii Games is the Wii games store. They are also available through the Wii Virtual Console. However, the pricing structure through these two avenues is rigid and can be steep in the long run especially for serial Wii gamers. That's why an alternative source of Nintendo Wii Games with a commercial twist through online download is getting vastly popular. At a fraction of the cost of the conventional disc, why would not it be? …